The Society of Decorative Painters | Chapter Happenings | Volume 5 Issue 1 March 2009
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A Message from Our President
Call to Volunteer
Artist of the Month
Learn About Starting Your Own Business
Study with Michael Fulton MDA
Students Try Their Painting Wings
Show Your Chapter’s Colors
Bird Quilt Drawing Underway
How I Got Here
All Aboard the Chapters/Members Gathering
Banquet Table Fun
Be a Part of the Marketplace
Help Us Celebrate Quilts
Benches on the Avenue
Consider a Sponsorship
Online Class Extended

• A Message from Our President

Dear SDP Members,

Do you want to earn money doing something you love? Do not miss the business classes at the Peoria SDP Conference. This conference is not just your Passport to Fun; it could also be your Passport to Profit! If you would like to start a business or have tried before and not succeeded, hurry to sign up for the opportunity to learn from eight successful business women, who are willing to share their secrets with you in class 6000, Getting Started in the Business of Decorative Painting. Want some innovative ideas for making money on your artwork? Sign up for class 4000, Turn Passion into Profit. You'll learn about avenues you may never have thought of. Go to to register for these classes now.

I have great news! As of March 23, SDP has 956 new 2009 members. Way to go! You are doing a great job of spreading the word about decorative painting. If this keeps up, we will meet our goal of 3000 new members this year. would love to send you some membership brochures and applications for your friends. Ask your local craft store if you can leave a few brochures on display there. Carry a brochure with you everywhere you go. Keep working, it is paying off!

Along with new members, it is so important to retain members. Encourage your painting friends to renew their memberships, invite them over to paint, offer a ride to painting seminars, and show them your latest project. Chapter officers should call every person who has not renewed and let them know what fun the chapter has in store for them this year. Remember—more painters will create a demand for more painting supplies, causing more stores to stock them. Thank you!

Happy Painting,
Linda Biedermann TDA
President, Society of Decorative Painters

Call to Volunteer

By Donna Talerico, Volunteer Chair

I am sending all of you a personal invitation to serve as a volunteer in Peoria! My name is Donna Talerico, and I have been asked to serve as your volunteer chair this year for Conference.
Are you ready to make life long friends? If so, then volunteer for Painting: Passport to Fun! Let’s help make the adventure happen together! We need your help, for YOU are what make our conferences a success. Makes no difference if you are there for a week, or for a few days, we have a place for you and/or your spouse. Please see the information on page 7 of your Conference Special and volunteer for a few hours.

For those who volunteer for five hours or more, your name goes in a drawing for some really nice prizes. Painted brush holders, tote bags, and painted art: these are just some of the prizes we are giving away to volunteers! What more could you ask for? Friendship and painting! These are items from some of our best known and beloved artists.

Also, help is needed for setup on Sunday, June 14 and teardown on Saturday June 20.

If you have any questions, call me at (337) 993-1856 or email

• Artist of the Month

By Barbara Sirianni, Ouachita Decorative Artists, Hot Springs Village, Ark.

Our HSV Community Center offered to devote one showplace wall inside the center for the various art groups in our community to showcase individual artists. Each month, the wall will feature the "Artist of the Month" from four or five different art groups that meet in Hot Springs Village. This is an interesting way to help showcase the talent of our residents and to advertise to the public a little about each group. We’re excited because this may be a great way to attract new members each month. We thought other groups seeing this article might be inspired to find local outlets that would do something similar in their areas. Below is a small write up of our first recipient, Pat Freeman, our president. You can see in the photo that along with her artwork, Pat also included an explanation of ODA and a few flyers for prospective members! Here is the text that accompanied Pat’s artwork:

“Pat Freeman, President of the Ouachita Decorative Artists (ODA), Hot Springs Village, Ark., is ODA's featured Artist of the Month. Her tray will be displayed on the walls of the Coronado Center through February 21. Each month the members will vote for the upcoming Artist of the Month. Freeman painted this life-like design on a simple pizza tray she purchased at Wal-Mart for $3. Freeman says, ‘We get our creative juices flowing, and we'll paint on anything!’”

•Learn About Starting Your Own Business

By Sharon Buononato CDA, SDP Business Committee

Are you thinking about starting a decorative painting business but you don't know where to start or what to expect? Do you already own a related small business or have a home studio and need help maintaining interest? Your SDP Business Committee has the answers for you!

This June at SDP’s Conference in Peoria, we will present a class that includes every aspect of starting a small business plus how current businesses and classes can experience growth and interest. There is even a free Open House Kit with tried and true projects every teacher needs! We have taken the guesswork out of planning and maintaining a business and are ready to give you all the answers. Here’s a sneak peek at what is planned by each of this committee's members:

  • Peggy Jesse: Info on obtaining a business license; state regulations, insurance, taxes.
  • Brenda Stewart CDA, TDA: Setting up accounts, organize and order supplies, local Advertising.
  • Donna Frost: Technical resources, email marketing, newsletters and budget Websites.
  • Anne Hunter: Class planning, skill levels, techniques and styles.
  • Sandy Braun: No-cost presentations, local resources, design demonstration.
  • Sharon Buononato: Free Open House Kit presentation, design demonstration.
  • Priscilla Hauser MDA: Personal advice and inspiration.

Seven well-known teachers presenting their expertise in a four-hour format: what could be better? Pass on this information to your local newspaper and include it in your chapter newsletter. Make plans to be in Peoria for "Getting Started in the Business of Decorative Painting.” See you there!

• Study with Michael Fulton MDA

We are delighted to welcome Michael Fulton MDA as the featured instructor for our next Home to the Heartland seminar. Create the realism of a museum quality painting by learning the art of value control. Learn to establish an underpainting of a larger-than-life pear from one of our own Master Decorative Artists. Learn the subtle nuances of glazing colors, tints, and accents on an already dried underpainting. Achieve the gentle faux finished background that enhances the realism of this wonderful painting. Join your fellow SDP artists Aug. 30-Sept. 2, 2009 at SDP Headquarters in Wichita, Kan. The fee for this seminar is $300 for all three days. Surface is extra. Seating for this event is limited. Reserve your space online or email Don’t miss this special opportunity!



• Students Try Their Painting Wings

By Linda Underwood, Wiregrass Decorative Painters, Enterprise, Ala.

Wiregrass Decorative Painters sponsored and taught a decorative painting project, March 3-13, 2009, for the fourteen students in the ninth grade advanced art class at Dauphin Junior High School in Enterprise, Ala. The very colorful Ana Dickinson design, “Fluttering Wings,” was chosen by the students. The chapter furnished all supplies and each student received a gift bag kit containing the painting surface and all supplies and materials necessary for the project. SDP brochures were included. Royal Brush donated brushes. Seven members of Wiregrass Decorative Painters actively participated in this project helping the students learn some of the skills and techniques used in decorative painting. Each day, WDP members brought their own artwork to showcase and explain something about the variety of techniques, painting mediums and surface possibilities used by decorative painters. The students learned basecoating, floating, and stroke techniques. They all made excellent progress learning the techniques involved and expressed their appreciation to our chapter for sponsoring and teaching this project. WDP members Gaynelle Mixon, Jan Mills, Betty Fergus, Eileen Davis, Helen Johnston, and Marie Loucks CDA, participated. It was a truly rewarding experience for our chapter. See more about this project here:

   • Show Your Chapter’s Colors

A favorite tradition at Conference is the Chapter Banner parade at the Annual Banquet. Any chapter with members attending Conference can participate, so plan now to include your chapter in the fun. Here’s how it works:

  • Assign a member of your chapter to bring your chapter’s banner to Conference.
  • The banner-holder will need to store your banner in his or her hotel room until banquet.
  • Bring the banner to banquet on Friday night. All participating chapters will be asked to come to one side of the stage with their banners.
  • One by one, chapters will parade their banner across the stage, stopping at the microphone to share brief information about their chapter, such as location, year of affiliation, number of members, etc.
  • This is not limited to one member per chapter. If a chapter is represented at Conference by several members, they all may participate in the parade.

• Bird Quilt Drawing Underway

Our second annual quilt fundraiser has taken wing! This beauty, “Garden Birds Symphony,” is adorned with a flock of winged cuties, including a robin, a cardinal, a finch, an oriole, a chickadee, and a hummingbird. There’s even a kitty, admiring the view. All of the blocks in this king-size quilt were hand-painted by the 2008/09 SDP Board of Directors. Drawing tickets for this treasure are available for a suggested donation of $1 each or six for $5. A drawing will be held for the quilt on June 19, 2009.

Find complete instructions and get your tickets here.





• How I Got Here

By Darla Foreman, Chapters Committee Chairman

It was a usual Monday morning and I was busy with my daily chores, caring for home and family. It was 1983 and we had just moved to the Tulsa area. I knew no one except my family. My husband Dan was a principal at the junior high school and Kyla was in first grade. The twins, Cara and Tara, were playful and full of life. Suddenly, the phone rang.

“I’m Roberta,” the unfamiliar voice said. “I know you are new here and I would like for you to come with me this evening to a painting class.”

I was shocked, as I had never painted anything. That was my mom’s thing. In spite of my inexperience, I went to the class. As it turns out, I fell madly in love with painting, and with my wonderful teacher, Carol Mayes. From Carol, I not only learned to teach, but to share the excitement of painting with friends. Carol introduced me to Priscilla Hauser MDA and I went on to meet literally thousands of painters. Within six months I was teaching painting classes of my own around the kitchen table and in a neighboring town. I was totally energized and my interest shot to a whole new level when Priscilla brought Jacques Zuidema, the Dutch painter, to Tulsa. Then Gail Bonifay gave me the opportunity to be a docent for SDP at the Kansas City convention, and I’ve been talking about the Society and painting every since!

Well, that’s the story of how I came to painting and the Society of Decorative Painters. What is your story? We’d love to hear it! Email your story to the Chapters Committee at and we will share a story in each issue of Chapter Happenings. Let’s share our stories and learn about each other!

• All Aboard the Chapters/Members Gathering

By Darla Foreman, Chapters Committee Chairman

Oh my goodness! What a wonderful Gathering we had in Tampa. I learned so much. But the important thing I learned is that there is a great misunderstanding about the Chapters Gathering. It is a great event for all SDP members, not just chapter presidents or officers of chapters. Each year a wide variety of topics are discussed and wonderful handouts are provided to all in attendance. Don’t miss out on a Passport to a Great Chapter and a passport to fun with painting friends. I challenged everyone who attended the Gathering in Tampa to bring one or two friends to the Peoria Gathering. If you attended in Tampa don’t forget this challenge! There will be something special for those who meet this challenge.

If you haven’t already, please sign up now for the Chapters/Members Gathering. Join us Friday morning for breakfast and fun. Come on board the SDP cruise liner: be a part of the fun! (Wait until you see the ship’s crew!) You never know what might happen at the Gathering, so don’t miss out. You will meet our ship’s captain and crew, have fun with longtime friends, and enjoy yourself while you learn!

• Banquet Table Fun

By Sherry Choquette, Chapters Committee

Words can not express how great the Banquet Tables looked during the 2008 Banquet. Chapters, friends and individuals volunteered their time to decorate a table or two. Thanks to all who participated and made the Tampa banquet so beautiful. Prizes were handed out to the winners. Third place went to Heart of Ohio Tole. Second place winner was Sonja Lee Sindell. The first place winner was to The Friends of Japan. If you would like to volunteer to decorate a table for the 2009 Banquet, don’t hesitate! Just email Sherry is a member of the Chapters’ committee and will help you with all the details.

•Be a Part of the Marketplace

By Sharon Shuster, Chapters Committee

Have you ever wondered what happens the first night of SDP conference? Well, there is laughter, giggling, hugging, waving, bargains, and splashes of color everywhere you turn. It all happens at the Chapters Marketplace! If your chapter would like to bring all of this together at one table, contact Sharon Shuster, or Dee Guthrie, and reserve your Marketplace table today for only $20. Chapters are allowed to sell special items or hand out information about their chapter. Let your passport journey begin at the Chapters Marketplace on Tuesday night at the SDP Conference in Peoria!

• Help Us Celebrate Quilts

By Janette Ward, Chapters Committee

Do you have a painted quilt in your personal collection? Is your chapter selling quilt drawing tickets to raise funds? Now is your chance to display a handpainted quilt treasure at Conference. In Peoria an exhibit of painted quilts will be on display for all to see. If you have a quilt you would like to display, contact the chapters committee to sign up. All you have to do to be involved is email Janette Ward at, then deliver your quilt to Conference. You may also contact Chairman Darla Foreman at

If your chapter is participating in the Chapter Marketplace, we welcome you to display your quilt and sell raffle tickets during the Marketplace only. The quilts will then be taken for display to the trade show floor during Expo. A-make-it-take-it area will be nearby. We are seeking volunteers to help show the quilts and teach quilters and non-painters how to paint on fabric. Help us spread the word about fabric painting during the Expo. Sign up today to display your painted quilt. If you wish to sell quilt tickets during Marketplace, a sales license must purchased from the State of Illinois. Be sure to inquire by emailing one of the contacts above.


• Benches on the Avenue

By Barbara Urban, Southside Brushes of Worth, Ill.

The Southside Brushes of Worth, Ill., participated in a local project for Tinley Park, Ill., called Benches on the Avenue. The theme for the project was “Troves of Travel Treasures.” Chapter member Beverly Fry designed the benches and her fellow members participated in executing the design and painting the benches. Ken Fry, a temporary, honorary member of the chapter, cut out the wood and attached the pieces to the benches. The benches that the members painted were titled, "Stuffed with Memories" and "Cruisin' for Memories". It took about four weeks for the chapter to complete the benches. When the benches were delivered to Tinley Park, a local Boy Scout troop planted flowers in flower boxes which were attached to the benches. People from all over the area come to see the various benches as they walk along the avenue. The benches are then presented to the original sponsors.

• Consider a Sponsorship

By Darla Foreman, Chapters Committee Chairman

You might be surprised by how much it costs to put together our SDP Conference. Did you know that each year several Chapters donate funds to help cover event expenses? Last year in Tampa the following events were sponsored by SDP affiliated chapters: Chapters/Members Gathering, Chapter Presidents Reception, and Chapter Marketplace. We really appreciate this support! This year we invite all chapters to donate any amount of money over $25 to help with expenses for chapter events. In addition to these three events, sponsorship is available for the Painted Quilt Display as well. Donations may be sent to in care of SDP Chapters Coordinator Dee Guthrie, 393 N. McLean Blvd., Wichita, KS 67203. Your donations will be recognized during our 37th Annual Conference and Expo in Peoria. Thank you so much for your support and for being a member of our painting family.

• Online Class Extended

Due to popular demand, "The Sunbather," the online colored pencil class taught by Tina Sue Norris and offered on the SDP website, has been extended to April 4. You may watch the video as many times as you wish during the 30 days following your purchase. It will be available 24/7 for you to login and watch. You will receive an email notice 48 hours before your subscription expires. The video, presented in three segments for easy viewing, is available to SDP members for $20 ($30 for nonmembers). The project is done on a 6"-by-12" white multimedia board or another watercolor surface of your choice. Click here for more information and to register.


• About Chapter Happenings

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