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• A Message from Elizabeth

Dear SDP Friends:

Did you know conference is just around the corner? We are seven weeks from show time and I hope you will all be joining us May 18-22 in Wichita, Kan. If you haven’t signed up yet please visit our website to see the wonderful classes that are being taught. NEW this year is a sock hop-style Opening Party from 7-10 p.m., Monday night at the Hyatt. The cost is $10 and you will receive a goody bag, snacks, and a chance to do the twist, enter a bubble gum blowing contest, and compete in the hula hoop contest! The best part is that we are encouraging you to dress up in your “boyfriend” shirts and have your old friends and new friends autograph your shirts. You don’t want to miss out on this fun event!

Have you signed up for a table at the Chapters Marketplace event yet? If not please do so. Download the form from the SDP website here. Chapters Marketplace is a terrific place to rendezvous with longtime friends and meet new ones. Handcrafted goodies, painter-friendly gifts, cookbooks, and pins are just some of the items that chapters offer for sale at this popular event. Remember, chapter sales benefit the chapters.

Something else you don’t want to miss: join us as we learn and play at the Chapters Gathering. Enjoy a project sponsored by DecoArt and taught by Tracy Moreau, share ideas and inspiration with your SDP sisters, and indulge in a delicious full breakfast. Friends, fun, and food—what could be better? PAINTING, you say. Well of course we will be painting too. Join us at the Gathering Thursday morning as we catch up with old friends, meet new friends, and share ideas to make our chapters ROCK! You do not have to be a member of a chapter to attend the Gathering. Be sure to add this event to your schedule when you plan your Conference week.

If you have any free time to help volunteer, please fill out the Conference Volunteer Form located on the SDP website. All volunteers will receive a limited edition charm and are eligible to win prizes.

Have a great spring and Happy Painting!

Happy Painting!
Elizabeth Stevenson
SDP Chapters Coordinator

• Royal Chapter Challenge Winners Announced

The tallies are in and we are excited to announce the winners of the Royal Chapter Challenge, sponsored by Royal & Langnickel brushes.

In order to encourage chapters to support the Society and donate to the KSS Challenge, generous Business member Gus Dovellos of Royal created a challenge with rewards for chapters of all sizes. The three SDP chapters that donated the most money to the Society (in their size category) will receive a seminar conducted by the Royal Brush Artist Ambassador/Instructor of their choice. This includes instructor educational fees and instructor travel expenses. Congratulations to the winning chapters:

Winner in Category A
(Chapters with 4-35 members)
Western Colorado Decorative Artists

Winner in Category B
(Chapters with 36-74 members)
Yellow Rose Chapter

Winner in Category C
(Chapters with 75+ members)
Alamo Decorative Artists

SDP chapters raised a total of $22,368 in response to the KSS Challenge!

Our deepest thanks to all chapters and individuals who donated in 2009. We are overwhelmed by your kind generosity and loving support of your Society.

A big KISS to SDP chapters and Royal & Langnickel!

• Wanted: Your Chapter Plaque

We are sprucing up SDP Headquarters for Wichita Conference and would love to display a plaque to represent each of our affiliated chapters. Many of our chapters already have a cheerful, brightly-painted plaque on display at Headquarters. Not sure if your chapter is represented? Call Elizabeth at (316) 269-9300, ext. 107 or email her at to inquire. Chapters that do not have a plaque at Headquarters are encouraged to submit one.

Chapter Plaques Should Be:

  • No larger than 10” by 10”.
  • Hand-painted on a tin, wood, or canvas surface.
  • Painted in any medium.
  • Decorated with the chapter name and year of affiliation.
  • Prepared to hang.
  • Sent to arrive at Headquarters no later than April 15, 2010.
  • Shipped to: Chapter Plaque, SDP, 393 N. McLean Blvd., Wichita, KS 67203-5968.

• We Need You!

By Cindi Estes, SDP 2010 Conference Volunteer Chair
It takes a lot of people to make SDP Conference a success each year. With this in mind, I’m asking for your help. We need you and your fellow chapter members to help make the Wichita 2010 SDP Conference the best ever. Even if you only have an hour or two to give, your time will make a difference.

Here are some of our volunteer opportunities:

  • Classroom helpers
  • Chapters Marketplace
  • Classroom setup
  • Liquidate & Education booth
  • Package check in
  • Registration booth
  • SDP sales booth (Painters Boutique)
  • Relief at vendors booths
  • Teardown assistance on Saturday
  • Election tellers

Volunteers do not have to be SDP members (except for election tellers). If you live near Wichita, maybe that friend who you’ve been trying to get to join your chapter would like the chance to see what it is all about before committing. Being a volunteer for a morning or afternoon might just give her the taste she needs to make that decision to get involved. If you’re traveling to Conference with friends or family remember that non-painting mates, friends, and teenage children make awesome volunteers, too.

Not only will volunteers receive the appreciation of the Society and satisfaction that comes from helping, but also a limited edition charm. The names of those volunteers who put in at least five hours will be entered in a drawing for original art pieces and vendor goodies. And a special prize will be given to the Volunteer of the Year.

Download the Volunteer Form here. Please make copies for your friends and fill out for yourself, as well. Mail your form to me, Volunteer Chair Cindi Estes, as soon as you can. (My address is on the form.) I’m excited to hear from you.

Thanks in advance for your part in making this year’s convention spectacular.

• Calling all Chapters!

Now is the time to reserve your table for Chapters Marketplace at Wichita Conference. Join us on Tuesday night from 8-10 p.m. Meet new friends, look up old friends, have some fun buying goodies for your shopping list, play some games, and win a door prize. This year we will also have an auction of thirteen records that are painted by some of our top artist and designers in decorative painting with the proceeds going to SDP.

Don’t forget! This is also an opportunity for your chapter to participate in an easy fundraiser with all of your proceeds going to your chapter. The cost for a table is just $20. Visit the website for complete details and to register.

• Painting on Display

By Ann Keeling, Creative Artists of Texas: CATS
We are the Creative Artists of Texas (located in Tom Bean, Texas), a newly formed chapter that received our affiliation in 2009. We have an ongoing community service project that is such fun to work on. A local Curves for Women is located in an old store that has two large display windows and we were invited to decorate the windows. The painted items on display were provided by the membership. We also have information about our chapter for anyone interested in joining. Three members of the window committee are pictured from left to right: Ann Keeling, Jan Sager, and Bette Thompson. Other committee members are Joanne Gardner, Patricia Hamilton and Margaret Polk.

•Artists Holiday Boutique

By Gloria Falk TDA, Gateway Decorative Artists of Greater St. Louis, Mo.
Twelve years ago, I started the Artists Holiday Boutique for our chapter members to have a venue to sell their wares. This was open to any and all members. It was very successful for the ladies as well as our chapter's charity, Bridgeway Women's Center for abused women and children. We wanted to adopt a women’s center. What could be better than women helping women? Our first year we raised almost $5,000. The next year we doubled that and the amount has increased ever since.

We have gathered a mailing list of about 1,500 names. Around one thousand people attend the show which we hold at a Builders Display Home. It is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. the first day, and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. the second day. We always host it on the second weekend in November (that is when hunting season starts and the men are gone).

Members paint demos and tell people about our chapter and SDP. We also have the cards from the vendor members, so if they have classes we can get some new people into those. We advertise SDP with fliers, and our own chapter as well as individual teachers and classes. This year our donation to the women’s center is going to be more than $1,500.

• Booking Seminar Teachers? Read This First

If your chapter hosts painting seminars and workshops, make sure your seminar committee sees this important information:

New Regulations for Booking Teachers for Chapter Meetings and Seminars as of 2010

The IRS has recently started to more strictly enforce some tax regulations. The following procedures need to be put into place by all U.S. chapters for 2010. Links to the forms are in the Chapter’s Section of the SDP website ( ). The IRS also has information, forms and publications at

Understanding which set of forms need to be filled out is determined by where the teacher lives.

1. To pay teachers who reside within the United States:

a. Teacher must fill out IRS Form W-9 when they sign their contract. This IRS form is a Request For Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification. Chapter must request, receive and review for completeness and accuracy the W-9 form before any payment is made. You can not pay the teacher if they have not filled out the W-9 Form.
b. If a teacher is paid $600 or over by the chapter in a calendar year, the Chapter fills out IRS Form 1099-Misc and sends copy B to the teacher. When determining if a teacher has made $600 or more, project fees are not included. They are considered reimbursement of expense.
c. The Chapter must also send the IRS copy A of all 1099-Misc Forms along with IRS Form1096. This is the Annual Summary and Transmittal of U.S. Information Returns.

2. To pay international teachers (teachers who reside outside of the United States and come to the United States to teach):

a. International teacher must fill out an appropriate IRS Form W-8 when they sign their contract. This is a Certificate of Foreign Status. Chapter must request, receive and review for completeness and accuracy the W-8 form before any payment is made. You can not pay the teacher if they have not filled out the W-8 Form.
b. Most international teachers will need an IRS Form W-8BEN. This is a Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Withholding. Request form W-8BEN from any international person or organization to which you are making a payment.
c. Some international teachers may file an IRS 8233 Form with the Chapter. This is Exemption From Withholding on Compensation for Independent (and Certain Dependent) Personal Services of a Nonresident Individual.
d. Chapter will withhold 30% of teacher’s fee (not project fee) from international teacher’s checks unless a Form 8233 is filled out.
e. If the teacher (non resident alien) is not eligible for a U.S. social security number and they are required to file a U.S. tax return or are filing a U.S. tax return only to claim a refund they fill out IRS W-7 Form. It is the Application for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).
f. Chapters will have several forms to fill out at year end.

i. Chapter will give international teacher IRS 1042-S Form. This is a foreign Person’s U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding.

ii. Chapter will send the IRS a 1042-T. This is the Annual Summary and Transmittal of Form 1042-S.

3. Visa/Immigration

a. It has been brought to our attention those teachers who are not US. citizens must have the appropriate visa needed to enter the United States and receive payment for services.
b. In order to comply with our government's requirements, the Chapter must request the teacher mail or e-mail them a copy of their Visa. In order for the teacher to be paid a copy of the Visa must be on file with the Chapter.

4. Disclaimer

a. This information is provided by SDP to assist chapters in complying with IRS regulations. Please contact Elizabeth Stevenson, Chapter Coordinator, if you need further information at or (316) 269-9300 ext 107.
b. We recommend teachers consult with their accountant for information concerning international taxes.
c. We recommend teachers consult with their attorney for immigration information.

• A Case for Caring


By Ellen Banzaca, Coastal Carolina Decorative Painters
Members of Coastal Carolina Decorative Painters painted 102 eyeglass cases for residents of Myrtle Beach Manor, an assisted living and nursing home facility in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Each case is unique. Here are some of the cases and those members who distributed the cases at the home in September. Pictured from left are Pat Egloff and Laurel Barbour in the front row and Barbara Dieckmann, Deborah Parrish, and Clare Majorossy in the back row.

• Painting with Jill

By Jody Redlin, Apple Valley Chapter Decorative Painters
In September 2009, our chapter was lucky enough to have Jillybean Fitzhenry teach a two-day seminar. We painted a beautiful floral piece and one of her famous Santa faces. She is a wonderful teacher. Our chapter is only about ten years old, but we have tripled our membership in that time.

Busy as Canadian Bees

By Sue Potts and Leslie Priestley, Harbourside Painters of Canada
The Harbourside Painters have already been working on a number of projects this year. At the January general meeting, members painted memory boxes for Trillium Hospital. A number of the boxes were painted using various paper doilies that created elegant designs. Included in this photo are a few treasure boxes that will be given to the Hospital for Sick Children for young patients in the Bone Marrow Transplant unit.

At our March 2010 general meeting, member Liz Walter led the group in painting fold-up fans (or flying discs) with the Koi fish design of Chieko Sato CDA that was published in the Fall 2009 issue of The Decorative Painter. We had lots of fun and the results were great!

Earlier in March, member Liz Garcia led a few of the group in a stroke work class with butterfly designs by Maureen Calvert McNaughton CDA, TDA. It was a great class for painters of all levels to learn new techniques or as a refresher. It got everyone in a spring frame of mind

A Boost to Help You Recruit New Members

You may have heard that SDP Business members DecoArt and Royal & Langnickel have offered to give a Decorative Painting for Everyone New Member Kit to every new SDP member to help us recruit new members.

How generous! And it only gets better. They have added another item to the kit: a special DVD with artist Patricia Rawlinson. This will help all of us encourage new members to join our Society and keep the decorative painting industry vital! Each new SDP member will receive a voucher in their membership packet good for one kit.

The Decorative Painting for Everyone kit includes:

  • Set of seven Americana Acrylics and three DecoArt mediums.
  • Set of five Royal Gold brushes and one Royal 1" sponge brush.
  • Black & white carbon paper, tracing paper, and an 8" by 10" clear styrene sheet that can be used for practicing brushstrokes.
  • "Decorative Painting for Everyone" course guidebook.
  • DVD featuring artist Patricia Rawlinson teaching step-by-step instructions for all six lessons

Warmest thanks to DecoArt and Royal & Langnickel! Imagine how much easier this will make recruiting new members. Now, let's all get out there and spread the word to newbies, students, friends, and family about SDP and this fun offer!

Recruiting Table Decorators

By Sherry Choquette, Chapters Committee Chair
Banquet tables! Wow! There was nothing like seeing fifty banquet tables decorated for the Friday night banquet in Peoria. All of them were decorated with delightful and different themes and ideas from creative chapters and individuals. Please join us in this fun event by decorating a table. The theme this year is Paint, Rattle and Roll! You can use other ideas as inspiration, such as the area from which your chapter originates. Anyone can participate: individuals, chapters, teachers or exhibitors. Contact me at to reserve one or more tables.

Quilt Fundraiser Continues Until May

In 2007-08 darling Santas and snowmen captured our fancy. We admired charming chirpers on the “Garden Bird Symphony” quilt in 2008-09. Now bountiful botanicals are the envy of all! "Flowers: From A to Z," the latest SDP Foundation fundraiser quilt is comprised of 26 botanical blocks, hand-painted by members of the 2009-10 SDP Board of Directors, past presidents, and beloved big brushes, including past presidents such as Ginger Edwards and such beloved “big brushes” as Mary Jo Leisure MDA, TDA and Louise Jackson MDA, TDA. Each block features a letter of the alphabet and a flower that starts with that letter.

Drawing tickets are a suggested donation of $1 each or six for $5. The drawing will take place Friday, May 21, 2010 at the Banquet at SDP’s 38th Annual Conference in Wichita with funds raised going to benefit the SDP Foundation. You can learn more about the quilt, zoom in for a close up look and download drawing tickets to mail in here.


Social Network for Decorative Artists and Ceramicists

By David Vernon, Pampered Palette
I’ve started a new online network for decorative painters AND ceramicists, and you’re invited to join us at no charge! Here’s how it came about:

In an effort to increase awareness as well as the ranks of decorative painters and ceramicists, I felt it was important to reach out to as many artists across all the industries that I could find. To make a connection with current artists and potential artists, it was necessary to identify the best way to reach as many artists as possible. I decided that computer technology was the way to go. I looked high and low to find as many conventional, and unconventional tools that can create awareness, generate excitement, and promote our art. There are Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and others, but I wanted something that would showcase the richness and diversity of the decorative artist and ceramics worlds. Turns out, the Internet has a great tool for everything I wanted rolled in to one easy-to-use site. My internet research led me to the Ning Social Network site, which provides the capability for individuals to establish their own social networks.

Decorative Arts and Ceramics, a Ning Social Network, is an open website, which means everyone can create and update their own pictures and information. Let's talk about art. Not just painting or ceramics. Let's talk about all forms of arts. Maybe an individual artist is involved in quilting, scrapbooking, cake decorating, crocheting, sewing, fine art, decorative painting, rosmaling, pottery or any other art field. That individual is welcome to join Decorative Arts and Ceramics.

Maybe an artist is thinking about painting or wants to become active in ceramics. Well, they are welcome on the Decorative Arts and Ceramics Artists site. The new site helps individuals learn and advance, even if they are an experienced artist. The only thing we ask of our members is that they share their knowledge and experiences with other members so everyone learns and grows. Your choice of art, paint line, brush type is immaterial for membership. Everyone is welcome.

What makes the site exciting, positive, and friendly is its total flexibility. Any member can post comments, pictures, videos, discussions, events or chat, all from the main screen. One really impressive feature is the slide show that appears on the main page. All the photos (including the photo above of Roland working on his ceramic cat) posted throughout the site appear as a captivating slide show on the main page. Simply browsing to the main page starts the slideshow. You can enjoy all the pictures that members have added to the site.

One other key feature of Decorative Arts and Ceramics is that we give SDP Chapters the ability to establish their own chapter group on the site, FREE, to post their chapter pictures, comments, events, news, etc. specifically for their members. A great resource at no charge to SDP or your chapter.

Our overall goal of this site is to provide resources that educate, encourage, and promote decorative painting and ceramics throughout all industries.

I am sure there is something for everyone on the Decorative Arts and Ceramics site. So, if you have friends, family, fellow artists, no matter their art form, please tell them about our site. We are looking to grow our industries, increase participation and increase our knowledge. Tell all your friends to join us at . The best part: it is absolutely FREE.

Happy Birthday, Rocky Top!

By Barbara Enser, Rocky Top Decorative Painters
Rocky Top Decorative Painters of East Tennessee celebrated their Twenty-Fifth anniversary with a big party, cake and recognitions. Former presidents received special invitations and ten of them, all of whom are still members of the chapter, came to the party. From left to right with their years of service are Sylvia Witcoff, July, 1984-December, l985; Judy Statzer, 2005; Judy Hodgson, 2006-2007; Martha Wilkerson, July 1982-June, l984; Sherry Van Meter, l989-1990; Jackie Bell, l986; Kathy Bradley, 2001; Barbara Enser, 2008-2009; Ann Caudill, l994, 2002-2003; Marie Merritt, 2000. Still a member, but not available for the picture, is Mary Ann Haney, 1992 and 1995-1996. Our current president is Gay Clapp. The eighty-five member chapter meets monthly in Knoxville, Tenn.

Understanding Copyright

by Linda Biedermann TDA
First the Disclaimer: I am not an attorney and this is not legal advice.

Most of your questions about copyright can be answered by the U.S. Copyright Office's website at:

Here are a few other sites that have good explanations:

This is a summary of the basics. An original work, whether it is art, music, writing, etc., is automatically copyright protected at the moment it is completed. It is not okay to copy something just because you don't see a copyright symbol on it. You need to have permission from the person who owns the rights to the work. The owner may give you limited use of their pattern, but not full use. For example, authors of decorative art books and packets may state that you may paint for your own use, to give as gifts, or paint the designs to sell on a limited basis. However, this does not give you the right to photocopy anything in the book or packet. It also does not give you permission to rewrite their instructions and then copy what you wrote. You have to get their permission to do that, too. And you need to get their permission in writing.

Many people think that if they change something about a design or painting, it then belongs to them. A common rumor is that if you change three things, then it is now your design. This is not correct. If you use a part of the original design, the original designer still owns it and you have to have their permission to copy the modified version.

Photographs are also copyrighted. A design that is made from a photo you did not take does not belong to you. You need permission from the owner of the photo before basing your design on the photo.

Some common situations where you might think you don't need permission, but you DO:

  • Unless it is your original design, get permission before putting your paintings on an internet webpage.
  • A chapter including a design or photo of a painting in their newsletter or on their webpage needs permission.
  • You are sharing a pattern to help a group paint for a charity cause.

Decorative painting teachers who teach other's designs need to use caution. Often they ask a designer if they can teach their design and are told they can. The problem is that they have not asked the correct question. Allowing someone to teach does not necessarily mean that they allow that person to photocopy, rewrite, or anything else needed to teach that lesson. You need to be specific and ask each designer if she requires that you buy her packet or book for each student or if she has a discount arrangement she makes with teachers. Get the specifics to avoid problems and do so in writing. In a pinch, email will suffice.

So, bottom line, how do you make it ok to use someone else's design? Read their copyright notice and do only what it gives you permission to do. If what you want to do is not listed, ASK in writing, then follow their requirements. It is their property and you can use it only as they allow you to. Do not be afraid to contact a designer. Most will be very generous about working out an arrangement with you.

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