SDP Chapter Happenings - March 2012


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A note from Chapters Coordinator & Conference Director Becky Gray
Conference 2012 - Flights of Fancy
Show Your Chapter's Colors!
SDP Foundation Scholarship Applications Due
SDP Service Award Nominations Due
Charleston Decorative Artists Annual Charity
Acrylic Painting Bee's First Exhibition
Tulsa Town Toler's Exhibition
An Open House at SDP


Annual Forms
Please submit any Annual Forms found at that still need to be completed and sent to my attention.

The 2012 Annual Chapter Form contains important officer contact information used by SDP in many different areas. A $30 service fee plus 10 cents per member should be included along with your membership roster. The Treasurer’s Year End Report may also be found on this page. 

Chapter Insurance Policies were mailed to chapter presidents in January if the premium payment had been received. If your chapter has not received its policy, it will be forwarded immediately upon payment receipt. This mandatory policy covers injuries or damages caused by a chapter/chapter member while conducting SDP activities.

Retention of records
With new officers inheriting huge paperwork amounts from the previous boards, I am being asked about the retention of records. Chapter officers’ records are chapter property and by this time all pertinent records should be transferred to the 2012 officers.

A complete list of records and their suggested retention is in the Chapters Handbook, Section I, page 12-14. Some chapters are shredding their older paper records and retaining them on CDs or flash drives. This is a great way to keep storage space available while preserving important documents.

SDP Code of Ethics
Our Code of Ethics includes: “To keep the lines of communication open with fellow chapter and Society members, respecting one another following appropriate lines of communication.” An important aspect of this pledge is being respectful in chapter meeting minutes, or any other chapter publication. If there is a verbal conflict, remember to refer to “member(s)” rather than using the name(s) of those involved. 

Chapter Zip Code Lists
Ensuring all chapter members are SDP members can be a challenging task. To efficiently and accurately fulfill this Society requirement, your Chapter President may request a membership list. Email me a list of the first three digits of the zip codes within your area, and you will receive the list within two working days. To protect our members’ personal information, the following disclaimer reminder will accompany each list:

The information contained in this e-mail, or in any attachments to this email, is intended for the use of The Society of Decorative Painters and affiliated chapters for the sole purpose of membership verification or recruitment. The names, membership numbers, addresses and/or e-mail addresses contained in, or attached to, this e-mail are confidential information subject to protection by law or terms of applicable confidentiality agreements. You are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution, or copying of this communication for any other purpose is strictly prohibited.

I hope to see you in Wichita May 14-19 for our Ruby Anniversary! There is still plenty of time to register for classes, Chapters Gathering, Anniversary Party, and much more. Check our website under 2012 Conference for more information. If you have questions or concerns, please contact me at or (316) 269.9300 x107 and I will be more than happy to help!


conferencesherry.jpgFlights of Fancy - Celebrating Forty Years of Painting

Doesn't that bring to mind birds, butterflies, balloons, airplanes, dragonflies, and going to Conference? It’s easy to spot a decorative painter heading for Wichita; they will more than likely be carrying the maximum number of checked and carry-on bags and wearing a huge smile, thinking of fun and friends at the upcoming Conference.

Tuesday evening is the Chapters and Members Gathering from 6 to 9 p.m. All SDP members are invited to attend. You have to sign up to attend this function, but you don't need to register for Conference. We have a full agenda for the evening, including meeting new friends, reconnecting with old friends, sharing new programs, and a light dinner.

Have you given thought as to how to grow a chapter's and SDP's membership given today's economy? What about recruiting younger members? Helping new members develop their painting skills? We don't have all of the answers, but together we can all share what we have learned and build on experiences to help all of us and SDP. Please join us as we use the evening to build a path to growing the decorative painting community.

For something to smile about, how about smiling for the 40th Anniversary Party? On Friday night we are planning a great event with wonderful food, decorations, dancing, and gifts. You don't want to miss this event; come and share time with your friends and favorite teachers. One lucky attendee at each table will receive a print of Ruby Throated Hummingbird with Trillium by 2012 SDP Conference artist Sherry C. Nelson MDA, TDA, and we will also have the drawing for this years’ raffle prizes. I hope to see you there!

For our chapter Presidents: Attached to this email is the 2012 Confernce flyer. Please print these out and hand them out to your members at your next meeting. If you know a painter that would benefit from the one hundred plus classes or the Expo, make sure they know they are invited to join in!


A favorite tradition at Conference is the chapter banner parade, which will take place this year at the Anniversary Party. Any chapter with members attending Conference can participate, so please plan now to include your chapter in the fun. 


Here’s how it works:

Assign a chapter member to bring your banner to Conference.  

The banner-holder will need to store your banner until Friday evening’s Anniversary Party.  

During the event, all participating chapters will be asked to come to the front with their banners.

One by one, each chapter will parade their banner across the stage, stopping at the microphone to share the chapter name, location, year of affiliation, and number of members. 

For chapters that are represented at Conference by several members, they may all participate.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you this year at the Anniversary Party!


The SDP Foundation scholarship is awarded each year at the SDP conference, and provides up to $500 for an individual or up to $1000 for a chapter or community outreach project. Scholarship recipients have used funds to stage fundraisers, study painting abroad, attend SDP Conference, increase awareness of decorative painting in their community, establish youth art programs and much more. Applicants must be members in good standing of SDP.

How would you use an SDP Scholarship? For more information and to apply, go to: but please don’t delay! Deadline for application is March 27, 2012.


The SDP Service Awards were established to honor the leaders of the Society and those who have helped to shape our organization and the world of decorative painting into what it is today. Many long hours and much hard work have gone into creating what we now know as SDP. Do you know someone in your chapter, an individual, or a business within SDP that should be recognized for generous service, fantastic talents, or innovative ideas?

Now is the time to recognize these members for their enthusiasm and dedication to painting and to SDP. Please don't delay; the deadline of March 27, 2012 will be here before you know it. 

Nominations are being accepted in four categories:
Dedicated Service Award - Outstanding Chapter Service Award - Priscilla Hauser Award for Business & Industry - Silver Palette Award

Find the nomination form in Issue #4 2011 page 114 of The Decorative Painter, and also attached to this email. On a separate sheet, please describe why you have made your nomination, and what the nominee has done for the decorative painting community.


South Carolina
’s Charleston Chapter of Decorative Painters is hard at work this month, using its member’s talents to beautify their community. For more than ten years now, the chapter has been painting door plaques for their local hospitals and long-term care facilities. Each year, over thirty plaques are painted on a certain theme, based around the care facility, hospital, or specific ward. The residents and staff are always thrilled to receive these donations, which add a cheerful ambience to their daily surroundings.

This year, the chapter chose the Lake Moultrie Nursing Home in St. Stephens, South Carolina. When Betty Snead, the chapter’s commeunity service officer, first met with the nursing home staff, she found that the facility had a wonderful bird solarium. To complement this, the chapter is painting plaques of birds and flowers to hang throughout the facility.The chapter’s community service brings sunshine into the places where it is most needed, and brightens the days of residents and visitors.


One of SDP’s newest chapters, Acrylic Painting Bee of Osaka, Japan, held their first art show earlier this year at a local art store’s exhibition space. The beautiful space, pictured here, is part of a prominent art supply store is Osaka with many artist three.jpgcustomers who were excited to see the work of Acrylic Painting Bee. Seventeen of the twenty-one chapter members participated in the show, displaying over one hundred pieces of art.


The exhibition covered a wide range of styles, including decorative, European, floral, canvas, and still life. The show attracted many non-painters who were excited to learn that decorative painting is a teachable art form and that they, too, could be participating in the next show. Based on the success of this show, it looks like the chapter will be growing quickly; we look forward to seeing what comes next for this ambitious new chapter!


tttone.jpg Carolyn Curry, 2011 president of the Tulsa Town Tolers, recently curated and installed a grand display at the southeast campus of Tulsa Community College. The full display held over one hundred unique pieces of artwork and showcased local artists Priscilla Hauser MDA, Gretchen Cagle CDA, Jo Avis Moore MDA, Gloria Koskey MDA, Carolyn Curry, Anne Hill, Marilyn Teegarden, Nancy Hill, Linda Parkinson, and Betty Anne Anderson.

A multitude of styles were represented on surfaces as diverse as hand-painted quilts, wood, tole, canvas, seasonal, Russian painting techniques, and antiques. Exhibitions can be one of the best ways to raise awareness of SDP and decorative painting, and Carolyn was kind enough to distrubute several copies of The Decorative Painter throughout the display. The event was highly attended, and was covered in the Tulsa city newspaper. The community college so enjoyed the show that they have requested Carolyn curate another show in 2012. 



Seeing all the fun that our chapters were having with their exhibitions, SDP headquarters decided to join in and hold our own art show. Participating in Wichita’s monthly art crawl, an event with over twenty participating galleries and thousands of art lovers, we opened our doors to share with the public just what decorative painting is all about.  
Visitors enjoyed seeing the one hundred-forty plus works of art housed here at headquarters, watching four of our local chapter members demonstrate their painting processes, and painting their own Valentine’s Day card. This event presented fantastic examples of decorative arts to visitors, gave them an opportuity to engage with painters using the step-by-step process, and get their hands dirty with their first introduction to making art with the decorative painting process.

SDP is holding these events, in part, to refine an exhibition event plan that we will soon be sharing with all of our chapters. By introducing non-painters to the decorative arts and engaging them, we can, together, create greater worldwide interest for the decorative arts and bring new members to our community. Look for information on how to hold your own interactive exhibition, coming soon from SDP.

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