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This year’s International Decorative Painting Month is going to be truly spectacular, and we want as many of our teachers, chapters, and members to participate as possible. We will be organizing national promotion for the month’s events to ensure its success, so mark your calendars, book your venues, and plan to be involved with SDP’s biggest International Decorative Painting Month yet. 

Important Dates:

October 1—Your exhibition opens!
October 13—SDP’s Paint with the Children Day
October 27—SDP’s International Learn to Paint Day 

Start planning now:

Part 1: Exhibition (Opens October 1)

The first step is to book an exhibition for your studio, your chapter, or yourself. Contact your local library, gallery, rec. center, or other space that receives heavy traffic from the public. Libraries have worked well for many groups, but you know your area best. Ask the owner or manager for permission to install an exhibit of your chapter’s or studio’s artwork on the walls, or in their display windows or cases.

Part 2: Learn to Paint Class

In your display, you’ll need to provide information about your upcoming Learn to Paint class. This class is designed to introduce the public to the world of decorative painting. Depending on the availability of your teachers, you can either host a one-time class or a series of classes over a several weeks. While a longer run of classes provides a better foundation for your students and serves to build stronger relationships—therefore increasing the possibility that those students will join your chapter or studio—a one-day class can provide all the necessary introduction without overwhelming first-time students.

Part 3: Paint with the Children Day

The third event to prepare for is Paint with the Children Day, October 13. Contact a children’s home, hospital, school, or daycare that is in need of some art on the walls. Work with the staff to set up a time for you and several other painters to create a mural on the wall for children to enjoy for years to come. Be sure to work with the children on the project, teach them to paint, and show them that painting can be used to express creativity and beautify spaces.

You have all worked for years to attain the painting skills you have. By working together, October will be a month that thousands learn about the wonderful world of decorative painting.

Ready to get started? Find more information in the document attached to this email, along with a plan of action that will you help you achieve these goals. We will be promoting this event on a national scale, so please confirm with us as soon as you have the dates set in your calendars and locations confirmed. If you have questions, comments, suggestions, or to confirm your participation and list your information, contact SDP Marketing Director Matthew Clagg at


In April the DALI chapter held its 26th annual luncheon, a tradition that began in 1986 when the chapter was founded. The luncheon serves as the chapter’s only fundraiser, and it regularly brings in more than three thousand dollars to support the chapter for the year. The event is attended by more than sixty chapter members, along with their friends and family, making attendence well over ninety each year.

dalibrunch.jpgMembers always go full throttle for the event, showing up as early as 5:30 a.m. to begin setup. This year chapter members donated more than three hundred pieces, which served as silent auction items and raffle prizes given out throughout the afternoon. Several members also put together gift baskets to be raffled off, one of which is always set aside to give to charity.

The theme for the luncheon was “Stop and Smell the Flowers.” On each table were hanging flower baskets, which were given to one lucky person at each table. The day saw painters and their friends having fun, enjoying the excitement of winning prizes, and bidding on their favorite painted pieces.

This year a tribute was set up for former President Barbara Rose, who passed away earlier this year. Chuck Rose, Barbara’s husband, brought in many of her painted works, which were displayed together with photos of Barbara.

This well-attended annual event is not only a fundraiser, but it is also a time for festivities and socializing for painters and their families. By focusing on having fun and planning well in advance, the chapter is able to put together a great event for its members and take care of its funding needs at the same time.


State and County fairs are fast approaching, and many of our chapters are busy preparing to show some of their finest artwork from the past year.

People of all kinds attend state and county fairs, making it a perfect time to get in front of potential new members. The San Gabriel Valley Tole & Decorative Artists chapter of Monrovia, Calif., has participated in the L.A. County Fair since the chapter’s inception twenty years ago. This year the chapter is stepping up to get in touch with the public and recruit new members.

The Fair Committee—made up of Roseanne Scholey, Vi San Pedro, and Susie Bivelo—has been hard at work rounding up artwork, completing paperwork, and organizing logistics, but this year the committee has also chosen to incorporate a new program that has chapter members demonstrating their talents to eager fair attendees. The chapter is also putting together membership pamphlets and a display that will help them in efforts to recruit new painters.

Chapter members eagerly anticipate the fair exhibition, and each year more than half of the chapter submits work to show. Last year, then President April Gillan won the prestigious Best of Show award with her submission. Each year the chapter takes all of the winning pieces with their ribbons to include in the library exhibition during International Decorative Painting Month.

Participating in state or county fairs is a great way for chapters to gain exposure, and it is an important part of community involvement. Decorative artists are constantly honing their skills and deserve the recognition that comes from exhibiting.

If you’ve never exhibited, make this the year you do. If your chapter exhibits but hasn’t ever done demos or make-it-take-its, get out and start meeting people–you never know who you could introduce to the world of decorative painting.


We like to share stories of successful fundraisers, but sometimes the most important fundraisers are the small day-to-day events that just keep the ball rolling. We recently saw two great ideas for fundraisers that we want to share:

The Carson Valley Decorative Artists hold an annual white elephant raffle, in which members pay a dollar to enter into the exchange and a dollar more to be entered into the mystery raffle. The entire event takes place during one chapter meeting, and everyone leaves with a smile or a treasure. This is a simple fundraiser that is as much fun to donate to as it is to win, and it always brings in a little funding for the next chapter event. 

The second great idea comes from Debbie Suenram of the Tole Diggers. By now most of us have heard of Pampered Chef, the kitchen tools sold through demonstration parties. The Tole Diggers decided to make these items available to members through the chapter, so all profit goes directly to the chapter. Their first check recently arrived for $260–a nice benefit for a small amount of work. There are many other products that offer incentives for group sales, including Scharff brushes. Look for creative ways to use the purchases you are already making to support your chapter.

While not everything a chapter does leads to a landslide of funding, by always taking advantage of every possibility, chapters can help to ensure financial stability.


What is your chapter doing that is fun, unique, interesting, successful, or proud of? We are always on the lookout for chapter news for Chapter Happenings and The Decorative Painter, but if you don't tell us why you are wonderful, then we won't be able to share your story with the members of SDP. To be recognized for your efforts and achievements, submit your story ideas to:


Thanks to Beverly Rogers of the Sooner Decorative Artists for these helpful ideas. To share your own favorite painting tips with the members of SDP, email for inclusion in the next edition of Chapter Happenings.

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