The Society of Decorative Painters | Chapter Happenings | Volume 7 Issue 2 July 2011

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• A Message from Becky

Your Board of Directors wants to get to know your chapter better! Each Board member has been assigned a list of SDP chapters and starting right away, they are contacting every single chapter president. Your Board contact wants to hear all the exciting things going on in your chapter. If you are a chapter president, please take some time to tell your Board contact all the wonderful things your chapter is doing. If you belong to a chapter, be sure to let your president know what information you would like to be passed on to your Board contact. Do you have questions or concerns? This is the perfect time to share them. What a great way for chapters to stay in contact with SDP!

Attention recruiting experts! We know that some of you have an amazing knack for bringing new SDP members into the fold. How do you recruit new members? Does your chapter hold special recruiting events? Tell us all about your successes! Please email me or post your ideas on SDP’s Facebook page. We want to share wonderful ways your chapter is reaching new painters! We will put some of your ideas on the blog or in the next chapter e-zine to help inspire other chapters.

By the way, if you did not attend the 2011 conference, your chapter achievement award has been mailed to your chapter. If your chapter has not received its award certificate, please drop me an email.

2012 Conference is already in the planning stages and if you have not made your hotel arrangements please do so now at the following link: The room block always fills up quickly, and we can’t wait to see you at SDP’s Annual Conference: Flights of Fancy: Celebrating 40 Years of Painting, May 14-19, 2012, in Wichita.

Happy Painting,
Becky Gray
SDP Chapters Coordinator

Calling All Potential Candidates!

By Georgia Magarrell TDA, Coast to the Cascades
Your SDP Nominating Committee is hard at work seeking members to serve the Society in very important roles, as elected officials.

Please consider running for an elected office. Or perhaps you have a friend or fellow chapter member who would make an excellent SDP Board member or officer. Now is the time to let your interest be known or to nominate your friend to run for office. In 2012, SDP will elect one vice president/president elect, one treasurer, three board members-at-large, and three Nominating Committee members.

The Society bylaws state that those seeking nomination must be members in good standing for not less than three years immediately proceeding the time of election and must be members at the time of election. Candidates for vice president/president elect must have had previous service as an elected member of the SDP Board of Directors.

Please contact Nominating Committee Chair Georgia Magarrell TDA to recommend a nominee or to express interest in running for office.
You may call her at (503) 975-9447 or email her at For more information, see the Nomination Form here.

Wanted: Your Newsletters

Does your Newsletter Editor send your chapter newsletter out by email? (It’s a great way to save postage and go green!) If so, please ask her to add all of the following people to her newsletter distribution list: Communications Coordinator Matthew Clagg:, Chapters Board Liaison Karen, and Chapters CoordinatorBecky Gray: We read your newsletters to look for stories to feature in the Chapter Happenings e-zine or Chapter Snapshots in The Decorative Painter. In fact, read the story below to learn how chapters and individual members can submit photos and info for publication. We just love to hear about your projects and adventures! While we recommend you send your newsletter by email to save $$$, if your newsletter is distributed as a hard copy, printed newsletter, that’s fine. Just mail it to
Chapter Newsletter, SDP, 393 N. McLean Blvd., Wichita, KS 67203-5968.

Share Your Story

By Matthew Clagg, SDP Communications Coordinator
All SDP chapters and individual members are encouraged to share events, community service projects, successes, and other news with their fellow SDP members. Everyone loves to see what other members are doing. Your story might inspire another chapter or member to try a similar project or event!

When you submit stories and photos, they are considered for publication in one of two venues: The Decorative Painter magazine and the Chapter Happenings e-zine. Submitting your story is easy. Just follow these instructions!

The Decorative Painter
As the official publication of the Society of Decorative Painters, The DP is SDP’s main source of communication between Headquarters and members. It also offers three departments that allow Chapters and members to “strut their stuff” in print.

Chapter Snapshots is intended to share news from SDP’s affiliated chapters. Did you stage a particularly successful retreat, fundraiser or seminar? Did your group paint a mural at a church, teach a group of underprivileged youth, or create a decorative painting display at your local library? Or maybe you’ve just had a blast painting and playing together! Submit a story to Chapter Snapshots.

Show & Tell is intended to share news from SDP’s individual members. Did you win a ribbon or award? Did you paint a project for a local charity or business? Did you create a piece with an interesting backstory? Submit a story to Show & Tell.

Chapter Spotlight: Is there a chapter service project about which you are especially proud? Maybe you hosted your most successful fundraiser ever or participated in an event that will go down in your chapter's history book! Chapter Spotlight focuses on outstanding moments when your chapter truly shined. One chapter will be featured in each issue of The Decorative Painter magazine.

Chapter Happenings E-zine
Another way to share your story with fellow members is through Chapter Happenings. This e-zine is sent to all SDP members with a current email address on file. All chapters and individual members are welcome to submit stories and photos to Chapter Happenings.

Submit your story and photos by email, if possible. Address them to Put the name of the column to which you are submitting (Chapter Snapshots, Show & Tell, Chapter Spotlight, or Chapter Happenings) in the subject line of your email. It is possible that your submission might be used in that column or in another.

Do not format the story in any way and please do not imbed the photos in your story, (if you submit your story as a Word document or PDF). Please do not type in all capital letters. Attach the photos as separate files to the email.

Submit at least three photos, if possible. We generally print just one, but this gives us a variety from which to choose.

Write a paragraph or two about your event or project. Include your chapter’s name, and the basics: the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the story. Include the names of the people in the photo, (from left to right, front row to back row), and those who were in charge of the project.
Be sure to include your Chapter’s name and your name.


  • Set your camera on the biggest file size or highest resolution when you take the photos.
  • Send the original file or photo taken from your digital camera, if possible.
  • Submit your best photos. Avoid blurry or low resolution photos.
  • When taking photos, look for fun photo opportunities! People in costume, clear action shots, interesting objects, all will catch the eye and make your photos stand out.

Please bear in mind that because of the volume of submissions, not all submissions can be printed, but we will print as many as we can. We are excited to hear what you’ve been up to. Take a few minutes and submit today!

Painting Volunteers• Painting Volunteers

By Linda Dyball, Valley Tole Decorative Painters
Valley Tole and Decorative Painters of Flint, Mich., enjoyed volunteering their talents by painting wooden "guard soldiers" that surround a one hundred-year-old carousel and children's area located at Genesee County's Crossroads Village Park. The dedicated group, "Friends of the Carousel," provided supplies and lunch for all as twenty-one volunteers spent the day painting at Hope United Methodist Church. At the end of the day, twenty-four soldiers were ready for "service" and are in place at the park for the summer and fall season.

Thanks to all volunteers for a great job: Vonna Horwood, Fran Price, Maggie Benedict, Dawn Schachinger, Linda Dyball, Eliza Wong, Ann Fogg, Jo Bowman, Char Ellis, Jacquie Osborn, Regina Baumgart, Pamela Buerger, Arla Slogor, Marilyn Marsden, Anita Barcin, Jan Giesken, Arlene Lanning, Kathy Miller, Regina Berry, Tammy Harrington, and Martha Langdon.

Crossroads Village is a living history site on Bray Road that has rescued and restored vintage amusement rides and thirty-five historic buildings that have been moved to the park from around Genesee County, recreating Michigan as it was one hundred years ago. Valley Tole and Decorative Painters chose this project as part of our continuing community service because of the connection of the arts to the historically significant folk art carousel horses. 

A Terrific Recruiting Tool

Thank you so much to DecoArt and Royal & Langnickel! These generous art supply vendors wanted to help us recruit new members and are continuing to offer a free “Decorative Painting for Everyone New Member Kit” to every new SDP member.

This helps all of us encourage new members to join our Society and keep the decorative painting industry vital! Each new SDP member will receive a voucher in their membership packet good for one kit.

The “Decorative Painting for Everyone New Member Kit” includes:

  • Set of seven Americana Acrylics and three DecoArt mediums.
  • Set of five Royal Gold brushes and one Royal 1" sponge brush.
  • Black & white carbon paper, tracing paper, and an 8" by 10" clear styrene sheet that can be used for practicing brushstrokes.
  • "Decorative Painting for Everyone" course guidebook.
  • DVD featuring artist Patricia Rawlinson teaching step-by-step instructions for all six lessons.

Warmest thanks to DecoArt and Royal & Langnickel! This makes recruiting so much easier. Now, let's all get out there and spread the word to newbies, students, friends, and family about SDP and this fun offer!

painted boxes  More painted boxes

Hand-painted boxes help grieving parents

Northern California Decorative Artists are helping parents ease the pain of losing a newborn or infant.
NCDA is one of many SDP chapters that hand-paint memory boxes for grieving parents so that they have something to take home from the hospital to help remember their child.

There are about seventy members throughout Alameda County, Calif., who are a part of the chapter. The artists, who work on a volunteer basis, are free to paint whatever they think is appropriate. Some of the boxes in the past have been emblazoned with images of teddy bears and flowers.
The memory box program was established in 1998. Since its inception, more than 113,000 boxes have been given to parents nationwide. Boxes painted by members of NCDA are given to Kaiser hospitals in Oakland and Hayward.

helping hands   More Helping Hands

helping handsLoving, Helping Hands

By Lori Capria, Florida Suncoast Decorative Artists
We members of Florida Suncoast Decorative Artists regularly meet at Messiah Lutheran Church in Tampa, Fla. As one of our philanthropic projects, we chose to help the church with their migrant ministry, which sponsors four annual events. FSDA members gave groceries, candy, children's books, time, and money. Seven of us helped pack four hundred Easter bags for the children on April 11 for the Palm Sunday event. On Palm Sunday, Lori Capria and her husband Michael, Clarisse Castro and her husband Tony, Georgia Mazanet,and Carolyn Zaengle went to the Planteen Recreation Center in Plant City to provide an art program for the children. We assisted the church members and the Latin American Motorcycle Association as they set up tables and chairs, organized free books on tables, helped the parents with children through the food line, and as one of the many activities for the migrants, hosted a children's Easter card and poster art program. The lettering on the back of the church teams’ t-shirts summed it up perfectly: "Giving a helping hand, not a handout.”

Painting with Maxine
click for larger image

Painting with Maxine

By Suzanne Snethen, Raindrop Chapter
The Raindrop Chapter in Portland, Ore., had a great time painting with Maxine Thomas recently at their annual retreat. Over thirty-five members enjoyed a wonderful weekend of friendship and painting at this event. 

The SDP and You

By 1986-87 SDP Past President Edi Finkleman
Editors Note: Edi Finkleman originally wrote a version of the following for her chapter newsletter. She asked that this version, rewritten slightly to address all SDP members, be shared with you.

In the thirty-nine years since the Society was formed, there have been good times and times that were not so good.

In the early years the organization was headquartered in Newton, Kan., (a small town almost an hour northeast of Wichita). Because of the location, overhead and salaries were relatively low. At the same time, our leadership was good and forward-thinking and our investments, (with double-digit interest rates) were doing wonderfully. The decorative painting industry was surging forward, and membership at the fifteen-year point, (1987) was around 32,000! There was an excitement in the air because members were part of a great movement with exciting opportunities to learn and travel and contribute. There were teaching shops in many communities across the country which maintained the excitement and desire for new classes, books, and products. The shops not only provided a living for the owners, but also offered opportunities for new teachers to become experienced. The desire to preserve and promote the art-form was a defined goal.

The move to Wichita provided SPD with a wider employee pool and better office services. We also gained better access to the Wichita airport (remember the hour drive) for visitors, volunteers, and shipping. It gave us wider recognition within the city and Wichita State University, not to mention the hobby industry. It presented the opportunity for SDP to purchase a building to call home. It gave us room to display our art and to be central to a large artistic community.

As with any entity, however, over time things can change. This is true of our own lives and finances, too. Like everyone else, the Society found itself with ever-increasing overhead and expenses, including soaring printing and postage costs for The DP.

Income from investments dropped dramatically in a very short period of time. There were increasing services to members and businesses, increasing convention costs, increasing airfares, and some not-so-smart large, long-term commitments that were contracted for. At the same time, other leisure-time hobbies (scrapbooking, etc.) were increasingly tapping into our membership, and—more than ever before—women were entering the workforce. And don't forget the down-turn in the economy.

Even with lower membership numbers, the Society has made significant efforts to expand member, business, and teacher services, hold down costs,
recover lost ground, and become more efficient in its operations. SDP has jumped into the internet to expand communications and offer information
to an astounding extent. The opportunities to network in so many directions are amazing. And progress IS being made. But the need for support continues. So with history aside, where does that bring us, as individual members and chapters?

As Individual members, our only requirement TO the Society is to pay our dues. Our individual benefits FROM the Society are the ability to join a chapter and to find a new chapter and friends after moving to a new area. We also have The Decorative Painter magazine which presents up-to-date lessons in a variety of media from a wide variety of teachers, the opportunity to see the activities of other chapters, and advertising to inform us about what is new. The decorative painting industry is an ardent supporter of the Society which provides buyers for their products. Optional benefits to members are a certification program; opportunities to teach; the chance to travel to seminars, Conference, and mini-conventions; and opportunities to participate and contribute.

Chapter requirements TO the Society are to follow the rules for chapters as put forth in the SDP Chapters Handbook; to pay the fee for chapters (under $40 based on the number of members); to verify that chapter members are members of the Society; to abide by our approved By-Laws; and to submit an official audit of our treasury. (The IRS has requirements that the Society is watchful to operate within to protect the Society’s not-for-profit status.) Benefits TO the chapter include not-for-profit status, which often helps us find meeting space for free or for a reduced rate. Additionally, we have the ability to draw nationally recognized seminar teachers, participate in community service projects, achieve a level of pride in our accomplishments, and to be a wonderfully diverse group of ladies sharing a similar interest. We enjoy each others’ company, we have a common interest, and we work for mutual benefit.

Individually, requirements TO our chapter are to be a member of the Society and pay chapter dues. Our individual benefit is dependent on whatever level of personal involvement we choose. We can attend meetings or not; bring refreshments or not; volunteer for leadership or committee positions or not; present a program or not; be courteous and attentive during meetings or not; paint Memory Boxes or not; participate in displaying artwork or not; participate in activities such as Home-Made-Anything Auction, bazaars, retreats, seminars, or not. We are free to participate on any level by contributing to the greater good, or not. It's all up to you. You must decide the value of your benefit from the Society.

With all of these benefits in mind, let’s consider the recent dues increase that was voted in at SDP’s 39th Annual Meeting. SDP is asking us to pay an additional $10 a year for our reasonably-priced membership dues. Is the cost of a fast-food meal or two, with no lasting value, worth more to you than all the potential benefits you can choose to derive? That extra $10 is needed to keep the Society vital.

Know that THE SOCIETY WANTS YOU. The question is, DO YOU WANT THE SOCIETY? If the answer is yes, then we, who derive multiple benefits from our membership, must support it financially. Without the Society of Decorative Painters we would all have a considerable void in our lives. With the Society, our lives are greatly enriched. I hope you will carefully examine how easily a small increase can be added to our personal budgets, and will mean a lot of support for our Society. Thank you for your consideration and long-time dedication to SDP.

About Chapter Happenings

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