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When Linda Biedermann asked me to be on the 2012-2013 SDP Chapter's Committee, I really did not know what some of our tasks would be. Just in case most of you are like me, here is a little synopsis of what we are and will be working on.

Chaired by Nancy Genetti, we are hard at work planning a fantastic and educational Chapter's and Member’s Gathering May 18th, 2013, at our Chicago Conference. We are planning the Conference banquet and how to honor our Chapter Presidents. We are working on ideas to develop and maintain Chapter membership. The committee is also revising the Chapters’ Handbook, and Members’ section of the SDP website.

Contact one of our committee members if you have questions or ideas. I hope next time you are asked to be on a committee, either for SDP or your Chapter, you will say “yes” too!

Heather Dambmann
Member of Buffalo Snowbirds and Genesee Country Decorative Painters.

Chapters Committee members:
Nancy Genetti, Chair -
Heather Dambmann -
Sue Jacobs -
Patty Phillips -
Bettie Slazyk -
Misty Witt -
Christina Wood -
Karen Allen, Board Liaison –
Becky Gray, Staff Liaison –


The SDP Service Awards were established to honor the leaders of the Society and those who have helped to shape our organization and the world of decorative painting into what it is today. Many long hours and much hard work have gone into creating what we now know as SDP. Without these individuals and businesses, we would not have this great organization. Do you know someone in your chapter, an individual, or a business within SDP that should be recognized for generous service, fantastic talents, or innovative ideas?

Now is the time to recognize these members for their enthusiasm and dedication to painting and SDP. Please don’t delay; the deadline of March 1, 2013, will be here before you know it. Service award recipients will be announced at the 2013 Annual Meeting at the SDP International Conference at Pheasant Run in St. Charles, Ill. Nominations are being accepted in four categories: Dedicated Service Award, Outstanding Chapter Service Award, Priscilla Hauser Award for Business & Industry, and Silver Palette Award.

Find the nomination form attached to this email or go online to On a separate sheet, please describe why you have made your nomination, and what the nominee has done for the decorative painting community.


International Decorative Painting Month (October) is drawing near. Are you participating? Join SDP painters across the planet as we work together to share decorative painting with the world. Find more information and learn how to get involved at

If you will be hosting an event during IDPM, please go to the web page above to list your event today.This year’s International Decorative Painting Month is going to be a truly memorable event, and we want as many of our teachers, chapters, and members to participate as possible. We will be organizing national promotion for the events of the month, so mark your calendars and start organizing your plans to be involved with what we hope will be SDP’s biggest International Decorative Painting Month yet.


On August 21, staff members at the Society of Decorative Painters headquarters in Wichita, Kan. were delighted when members of the SDP Chinese Chapter Council stopped in for a meeting. It is not unheard of for SDP members to tour the building and meet the staff, but a group from so far away was a real treat.

Jin Feng Guo, President of SDP Chinese Chapter Council, and Jack Huang, SDP Chinese Ambassador, had just attended the HOOT Convention in Columbus, Ohio. Before returning home after the convention they wanted to make a small detour through Kansas, to stop by SDP Headquarters. During their time at our building in Wichita Jack and Jin were able to meet some of the SDP staff, view the collected art works housed by the SDP Foundation, and sit down with some of the staff members to discuss the future success of the SDP Chinese Chapter Council.

Since the decorative painting art form is just beginning to take hold in China, Jin and Jack were eager to discuss with SDP staff ideas about enriching and growing their chapter. Mr. Huang indicated that as they try to take advantage of the growing popularity of our art form, they welcome all the help they can solicit. On the day of Jack and Jin’s stop in Wichita, this came in the form of a much-appreciated brainstorming session with several SDP staff members.

SDP Chinese Chapter Council has already begun receiving a great deal of support in several forms. DecoArt, for example, has offered the chapter nearly one hundred pieces of art for display in China. Mr. Huang indicates that the chapter is off to a great start in gathering many fine examples of decorative art, and would love to continue to find more to display. DecoArt has also helped the chapter recruit artists from the U.S, Japan, and Taiwan to instruct the many budding Chinese artists. This helps tremendously, since the increasingly popular art form is undoubtedly allowing the number of Chinese artists to grow rapidly.

While Jack and Jin greatly enjoyed their time in Wichita and greatly appreciated the help of SDP’s staff, they were not the only ones thrilled with their time at Headquarters. Any day our staff gets to meet, and possibly help, any of our SDP chapters is a great day in our office.


In June, members of the Village Painters chapter in Livonia, MI gathered together to brighten the days of school children in their community. While the students enjoyed their summer vacation, these volunteers pulled out their paints and brushes and changed the faces of two bathrooms at Lowry Elementary School in Dearborn, MI.

Housed in the school is a unit of special-needs classrooms, containing two special-needs bathrooms. Over the course of the week the artists from Village Painters converted the dull restrooms into colorful, cheerful rooms that will undoubtedly put smiles on the student’s faces.

The painters chose an “Under the Sea” theme for one of the bathrooms. A lounging red octopus welcomes the students, while a pair of playful dolphins swims nearby. The second bathroom displays a vibrant zoo scene where cuddly lions lounge in the sun, and a curious ostrich looks on.

The volunteer painters noted that the kids were excited simply by the blue basecoat on the walls. They can’t wait to see how thrilled the students will be this fall, when they return to the school to see the finished project. Members of the Village Painters hope to return to Lowry Elementary School on the first day, to capture the surprised faces of the children on video.

Sharon Verduzzco, RN, and Nancy Marzorowicz, PT, work with the children at Lowry Elementary School, and requested the painting project. Nancy pitched in by transferring drawings from transparencies to the walls. The project was co-chaired by chapter members Pat Butler and Rondi Bur. Other Village Painters volunteers were Maryann Muir, Doreen McLain, Michelle Hanley, Paula Atkinson, Karen Lavella, and Linda Morgan. Pat’s daughter, Lisa Butler, also lent a hand while she was visiting from Colorado.

Like so many of SDP’s chapters, Village Painters is an incredibly positive presence in their community. Now that the Lowry Elementary School project is complete, the chapter plans to donate their time and talent creating a painting at a local women’s shelter.


Do you teach and travel? We are updating our travel-teacher directory and want to make sure that we have a complete listing of our teachers to help you gain as much exposure as possible. Travel teacher listing for non-business members is $10. Listing for current business members is included with your membership.

If you are not currently listed, send us your information including:
Phone Number
Where You Travel to

If you are currently listed, please check your listing to ensure that all information is up to date and as complete as possible.


Does your chapter have an online presence? More and more chapters are using Facebook as a way to organize, quickly share information, and promote themselves in their communities. Facebook provides a place for chapters to share information on classes, seminars, and events as well as photos and information on joining the chapter. If you want to increase participation and grow your chapter’s membership numbers, a website and Facebook page are two essential tools to get in front of current and potential new members.

In addition to benefiting the chapter, an online presence benefits the entire decorative painting industry. Interest in painting is growing all around the world, and with your help we can take advantage of that momentum to grow awareness of decorative painting. Every teacher, business, and decorative painting organization benefits from new exposure.

If you are unsure how to get started, or how to best use these new online tools, help is here! The SDP PR and Marketing Committee is available to help you get online and to teach you how to take advantage of the tools available to you, including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

If you are ready to either get online or take your online presence to the next level, contact Committee Chair David Vernon at


In an effort to promote events across the industry, SDP now offers an event calendar online at Here we will list seminars, conventions, and other events. Do you have an event to list? Contact us at with the following information:

Event Type:
Additional Information:
Your Name:
Your Email:

Be sure to check in with this calendar to stay up to date with events and happenings in the decorative painting industry.


Good for Your Projects and the Environment!

It seems as though good-quality brown paper bags are hard to come by these days, but they make the best “fine-grit sandpaper.” Here’s how to use them: Cut your paper bags into smallish pieces (3 by 3 or 3 by 4 inches) that will easily fit into a standard envelope. The envelopes are just the right size to tuck into your painting supplies or keep on your desk at home. Use the paper to sand between basecoats or as needed to remove roughness and debris from your work. Return the paper to the envelope and use it over and over again. You’ll have some to share, and your painterly friends will thank you.

Submitted by Margaret Polk

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