The Society of Decorative Painters | Chapter Happenings | Volume 2 Issue 5 October 2006
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Happy Birthday, Helen!
SDP Code of Ethics for Chapters
Chapter Community Challenge
Get Ready for Chapters Gathering
Hey Wild Thing: Volunteer!
Banquet Tables – Early Reminder for Anaheim
An Open Letter to Decorative Painters about Copyright Laws
Local Childrens' Hospital Receives Memory Boxes
Decorative Art Auction
Darling Display
A Marvelous Moo-rul
A Seminar with Betty
Helping Fellow Painters
Our Members are Jewels!
Plan Now to Be Part of the Marketplace
Busy Gateway Painters
Chapter Snapshots

Happy Birthday, Helen!

By Pat Davis, Bella Vista Decorative Artists

A very special happy birthday to Helen Roberts! A 90th birthday celebration was thrown for Helen by the Bella Vista Decorative Artists. This apron was presented to her by the club but was signed by national teachers that Helen has taught with through the years. Jackie Voorhees from our chapter took the apron around to the teachers at SDP Conference. The roses were painted on the apron by Helen Stadter and Noreen Burgess. Helen has been a member of the Bella Vista Decorative Artists since she moved here. She's been active in the Village Art Club and has been a great contributor to the art community with her teaching and painting.

• Code Of Ethics For Chapters

By Sheila Rouse, Chapters Committee Chair

Cristy Keeton is responsible for Chapter Services again and as Chapters Committee Chair, I am assisting Cristy with chapter communications. One of the recurring issues I’m seeing is the myriad personalities in chapters. I consider my chapter as an extension of my family – and just as in families, we all don’t necessarily get along 100% of the time. However, we MUST respect one another 100% of the time. Therefore, I thought it would be a good time to share the Code of Ethics for Chapters taken right out of the Chapter Handbook. Your chapter’s success hinges on your chapter members working together for a common goal, spreading the word about the fun and benefits of decorative painting. I plan to print this Code of Ethics and ask every member of my chapter to sign it at our next meeting. I would encourage you to do the same.

Click HERE for the SDP Code of Ethics for Chapters

• Will Your Chapter Win?

By Teri Mott, SDP Communications Coordinator

Did you know that in 2005 SDP chapters contributed nearly 100,000 hours of community service to their local communities? To celebrate these good works – and in order to inspire more! – All American Crafts/PaintWorks magazine is sponsoring the SDP Chapter Community Challenge.

This exciting contest is open to all affiliated chapters of the Society of Decorative Painters in good standing. Here’s how it works:

  • Write an essay, (maximum of 500 words), describing your Chapter’s most successful community project of 2006.
  • Submit your essay and support materials to SDP Headquarters (SDP, attn: Chapter Community Challenge, 393 N. McLean Blvd, Wichita, KS 67203) by the deadline. Your entry must be postmarked no later than Dec. 31, 2006. If your chapter is outside the U.S. , please make sure your entry is postmarked no later than Dec. 15, 2006. Support materials can include:
    • No more than three photos
    • Posters, invites or programs.
    • Any local press your project may have received.
  • Each Chapter can enter just once.
  • Contest applies to any community service project a Chapter has undertaken in 2006.
  • Contest will be judged according to the following criteria: creativity, originality, scope and percentage of Chapter members involved. Did your project increase awareness of decorative painting? Did it help you recruit members?

The winners will receive:

Grand Prize: $600 Party Budget
A feature story in a 2007 issue of PaintWorks magazine.
First Place: $250 Party Budget
Second Place: $150 Party Budget
Third Place: Gift Basket
All cash prizes are courtesy of All American Crafts/PaintWorks magazine.>

• Get Ready for the Chapters Gathering

By Sheila Rouse, Chapters Committee Chair

I’m a procrastinator – there, I’ve admitted it. So do as I say and not as I do – put the date on your calendars now for the Chapters Gathering in Anaheim – 8 a.m. to Noon on Friday, June 1, 2006. I’m reminding you early because we’re going to have a Wild Tea Party for the Chapters Gathering and the Chapters Committee would like you to decorate a special tea cup (and saucer) to trade. Tea cups can be decorated in any way – paint or embellish it -- just make them fun and wild!

We’re going to be talking about involvement at the Gathering so we’re interested in what your chapter is doing to get involved:
  1. How do you encourage members to get more involved in chapter activities?
  2. How is your chapter involved in your local community?
  3. What would you like to see SDP do to be more involved with your chapter? What can the chapter do to be more involved with SDP?
  4. How does your chapter get involved with SDP’s Annual Conference? How can SDP promote more chapter involvement at Conference?

Please send your responses to these questions – whether you’re a chapter officer or member – to Sheila Rouse, SDP Chapters Committee Chair at 

• Hey Wild Thing: Volunteer!

Joan Simpson, our National Volunteer Chair for the 2007 SDP Conference in Anaheim, is extending a special invitation to each and every chapter and chapter member! Joan is in the process of organizing volunteers for the Anaheim event and she has openings for all to serve in numerous areas. Joan needs volunteers for the Volunteer and Society Booths, tellers, monitors, help with set-up for our Certification and Demonstration displays, and banquet and teacher set-ups. Please consider joining the "Wild Thing Volunteer Team" in Anaheim. Joan promises that we'll all have a great time. Contact Joan to volunteer at  or or call her at (302) 475-8535. 

• Banquet Tables: An Early Reminder

This beautiful banquet table was decorated by the Buffalo Snowbirds for 2006 SDP Banquet in Nashville.

By Sheila Rouse, Chapters Committee Chair

Thanks to all the chapters who accepted the Nashville Chapter Challenge. The excitement at the banquet was absolutely contagious! Each table was wonderfully different and was a showcase for the talents of SDP’s chapter members, teachers, business members and friends. I suspect that Anaheim will even be better so I wanted to give you an early reminder since tables will be assigned on a first come basis. Choose a theme inspired by the 2007 Conference theme, “Wild about Painting,” or location – Anaheim -- or let your imagination go wild!

Each table is 70” in circumference and will require a centerpiece and favors for 10. Table linens, dinnerware and flatware are provided by the hotel, but if you would like to make a tablecloth or chair covers to complete the look, please do so. The tables can be decorated on Saturday any time before 7 p.m. (Chapters must pay for all their own decorations, giveaways, etc. No reimbursement from SDP will be given.) Banquet attendees will vote for outstanding designs and prizes will be awarded. Look for more information in a future issue of Chapter Happenings.

Start planning now and reserve your table by calling Sue Bowers at (405) 286-5363, or e-mail to volunteer for Banquet set-up? Contact Joan Simpson at or or call her at (302) 475-8535. 

• Open Letter about Copyright Laws

From members of the Decorative Arts Business Alliance Dear Painters,

Decorative painting as an art form is very much alive with opportunities for creative expression and personal satisfaction. As a segment of the creative leisure industry, however, we have reached what many have called “maturity.” With maturity comes responsibility, not only to pass on the legacy of our art form by continuing to share and teach a new generation of painters, but also by continuing to maintain high standards of skill and ethics at all levels – from the kitchen tables to the conference classrooms. It is with those goals in mind that we again address the issue of copyrights.

Copyright laws are a bundle of rights given to the original creator (author) of a literary or artistic work. These include the rights to copy, display, distribute or create a derivative work and to derive income from such work. The laws prohibit the copying (reproduction) or altering of the work by anyone other than the creator without his or her explicit permission. In the strictest legal sense, this includes not only photocopying but “hand reproducing” (tracing or making a likeness of the original…i.e. painting) and photography (taking a photo and placing it on the Internet). Current U.S. and European copyright laws extend for 70 years after the author’s death. The phrase “All rights reserved” is a tidy summation of the lengthy and often complex body of copyright laws, and means that the author retains all of his legal rights.

That being said, we come to the world of crafting and decorative painting. Talented artists with generous hearts for teaching and sharing create designs (works of art) and instructional materials (literary works) for the implied purpose of others to copy by hand. This does not mean that the artist/author gives up any copy rights! She is still entitled to derive income from and set the terms and limits (give explicit permission) as to how her work may be used by another. These terms usually appear as a “Copyright Statement” found at the beginning of a book or at the end of a pattern packet. Artists/authors in our industry usually develop their own individual policy statements.

A typical copyright policy for Decorative Painters might read as follows:

“The purchaser of this packet may hand paint the project or patterns contained herein in limited numbers for fun or profit. Wholesale production is prohibited without the written permission of the Artist. Reproduction of any part of this pattern or instructions by any mechanical and/or electronic means is prohibited. All rights reserved.”

You may find this copyright policy stricter than some and less strict than others. When in doubt about the limitations or restrictions of an artist’s policy it is advisable to contact him/her directly. In most cases a brief letter of permission will protect both you and the copyright holding artist. Many artists have a low minimum requirement for buying their packets at wholesale. This policy enables a teacher with as few as three students to provide each member of her class with an authentic set of instructions. As a result, the teacher maintains her ethical integrity and is entitled to re-sell the packets to her students at a profit if she so desires; students enjoy and appreciate receiving an original set of instructional materials and photographs; artists/designers/authors receive the compensation to which they are legally entitled; and lastly, our beloved art form will continue to flourish and benefit from the many gifted people who pour out their talents for the love of decorative painting. When copyrights are honored everyone wins!

For more information about copyrights, please refer to the following publications.

Handbook of Practical and Ethical Guidelines
Graphic Artists Guild 11TH Edition ISBN 0-932102-12-3

The Law in Plain English for Crafts People
by Leonard D. Duboff, Interweave Press Sincerely,

Decorative Arts Business Alliance:
Mary Svenson CDA, Westford, MA
Betsy Edwards, Just Betsy, Hollis, NH
Donna Frost, Quarry House Distributors, Bow, NH
Mary McLean CDA, Country Palette, Norfolk, MA
Janice Cormier, Country School House, Ellington, CT
Bonnie Frederico CDA, Sellar Shop, Grafton, MA
Janet Burns TDA, Decorative Painting in Acrylic, E. Wareham, MA>
Laure Paillex, Laure Paillex Designs, Buzzards Bay, MA
Jill DiMaria & Maria Grimanis, Tip of the Brush,Manchester, NH
Anne Hunter, The Creative Touch, Marlborough, MA

Contact the Alliance by calling Donna Frost at (603) 226-0322 or e-mail her at

PS: Did You Know?
Care must be taken to prevent copyright abuse by members of chapters that include design and pattern books in their library. It is certainly advantageous to members to be able to check out pattern books and review them in order to decide which ones to purchase, but is not appropriate for members to check out pattern books and photocopy patterns. There is a "plain language" website at, which may be beneficial, but everyone needs to be aware that the website material is copyrighted, and cannot be placed into newsletters, etc., without first obtaining written permission. And, of course, anyone can research copyright law at

• Memory Boxes for Childrens ' Hospital

By Iris Hardy, Bluenose Decorative Artists of Nova Scotia

Bluenose Decorative Artists of Nova Scotia continue to support their two-year commitment (2005-07) to supply painted memory boxes to the local children’s hospital, the Issac Walton Killam Hospital. To date, more than a hundred boxes have now been distributed through the hospital chaplain’s office to grieving parents. The chapter has made every effort to paint the boxes to suit everyone's religious and ethnic backgrounds, which has been more than appreciated by all concerned. We have made a difference!

•Decorative Art Auctions Online

By E. Adrienne van Dooren
Chair of The House that Faux Built

About 20 birdhouses submitted by SDP members to the House that Faux Built Contest will be auctioned on eBay ( with 100% of the proceeds going to the Noah's Wish Animal Charity. The auction will begin Oct 20 and will last seven days.

In addition, an art and faux class auction from art schools across the country will be held at (see list below) with opportunities to get classes at great prices.

100% of proceeds from that auction will go to Habitat for Humanity New Orleans for the Habitat House That Faux Built.

Here is a preliminary list of classes that will be auctioned. Check the website for details:

1. Jennifer Rebecca Designs: One 5-day “business of faux” workshop
2. Kathy Carroll: Any class up to $1495, Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes.
3. Patina Studio: Two certificates good for Walls 101.
4. Donna’s Designs: Faux Finish and Business workshop in Atlanta. Visit
5. School of Italian Plasters: Venetian plaster class.
6. Roma: Basic and Beyond (2-day class).
7. Tust Studio: Wood-graining workshop. Visit:
8. Karibeth Creations: 3-day pro workshop.
9. The Fresco School in L.A.: Intro class.
10. Vigini Studios, San Antonio: class.
11. Barth White, Los Vegas: class.
12. Profaux: class
13. Kingslan/ Gibilisco, Omaha, Neb.: class
14. The Faux School, Ron Layman: Business fundamentals for decorative painting and European Lime Plasters and Paints.

And many more!

The special edition book, The House that Faux Built, with lots of before and after photos of the home makeover and birdhouse winners are available at Any SDP chapters who wish to purchase a case of 30 books for their members to sell as a fundraising project will get them for 1/2 price. Just e-mail Adrienne for more info at

• Darling Display

By Betty Hyre, Kanawha Valley Decorative Artists

Pro Art, a local art store, was nice enough to help the Kanawha Valley Decorative Artist to celebrate National Decorative Painting Month. Our exhibit will be on display in the store’s front window during the month of October. Many thanks to owner Jack Trail for making this possible.

• Marvelous Moo-Ral

By Elaine Russell CDA,
Seaside Decorative Painters

Ann Rimmer, newly elected 2007 Treasurer of Seaside Decorative Painters of Daytona Beach, Fla., volunteered to paint the background mural for Sugar Mill Elementary School's display for the Volusia County Fair. The theme is "farm animals reading,” and Ann helped to paint the life size animals, too. Dates of the school's display at the fair are Oct. 31 through Nov. 10.

• A Seminar with Betty

Members of the Shades of the Blue Ridge enjoyed a seminar taught by their sister chapter member, Betty Caithness, in September. Front row, from left:  Shelia Salmons, Betty Caithness, Nita Holt, Teresa Cook and Alice Headley. Back row from left: Lenh Singleton, Alice Ellingson, Mary Judge, Clarice Allen, Dee Zachau and Kay Merryman.

By Marsha Beh, Shades of the Blue Ridge

The Shades of the Blue Ridge from Lynchburg, Virginia, held a 3-day seminar taught by Betty Caithness Sept. 8-10.

The piece Betty taught was her wonderful 'Gingerbread Bakery' box -- and what a fun time we all had painting it. As in all of Betty's work, there is an intense amount of detail, but when broken down to specific elements it's all very doable. We are very fortunate to have Betty as a member of our Chapter. Those of us who were lucky enough to be able to participate in this seminar will have a beautiful Christmas box in which to keep our yummy, home baked cookies, for a very long time. It's a piece that we can hand down to our children or our grandchildren. It really will be an heirloom piece.

• Helping Fellow Painters

By Mary Anne Garay, Hudson Valley Tole & Decorative Painters

In February 2006, members of the Hudson Valley Tole and Decorative Painters from Orange County, NY, decided to help a sister chapter of SDP that was affected by hurricanes Katrina and/or Rita. All of our members brought in new brushes, paints (acrylic, oil and watercolors) tracing paper, surfaces, etc. to be sent to those who lost so much to these storms. As we are a small chapter, I wrote to several major shippers to ask for a discount to send these packages. At this time, we did not know what chapter we would be sending them to. After waiting for several months with no reply to my letters to shipping companies, our members voted to foot the whole bill for the shipping. I then was in touch with Mary Cobble, the SDP Chapter Coordinator at that time, and she gave me the name of a chapter in Texas (Regional Gold Coast) that might have had some members affected by the hurricanes. I called the president who told me their chapter was not affected, but to try the chapter in Orange, Texas. Mary put me in touch with the president of the Painted Daisy Chapter who was absolutely thrilled that they were getting some help. To top off a wonderful story, a friend of mine works for a major shipper, (who I had not written), and gave me the name of the facility supervisor in our area. I called the supervisor and he not only gave us a discount, but packed and shipped 4 large boxes of items for free. I cannot name this shipper without permission from their corporate office. This service project from our chapter shows the true “American Spirit” exhibited not only by our members, but by the corporate world as well, doing something without expecting publicity or praise. Pictured with me is the manager of the Newburgh/New Windsor facility of the shipper.

• Our Members are Jewels!

The following individual members, business members and chapters have generously given to the SDP Jewel Program. Thank you so very much for your support!

Diamond $1,000+
Florida Suncoast Decorative Painters

Emerald $500+
Penn’s Woods Painters
Jeanie Miller

Ruby $250+
Kansas Wheathearts
Grapevine Tolers

Sapphire $100+
Penn’s Woods Painters
Deanna A. Pepe
Kathyann M. Dugan
Elizabeth Fanus
Tina Sue Norris CDA, TDA, Tina Designs

Topaz $50+
Brandywine Decorative Painters
Judy Quimby
Illinois Prairie Painters
Mary Beth Harden
Darla Foreman, Turtle Hollow Egg Farm
Linda Biedermann TDA
Sheila Rouse
Ann Foster
Maxine Wallisch
Gwendolyn Pitney TDA
Sue Bowers
Kaori Okamoto CDA
Judy West
Jillybean Fitzhenry
Ann Johnson
Jo Lutness, Painter’s Paradise
Judy K. Westegaard CDA
Cheri Rol

Amethyst $25+
Cheryl Capps
Teri Mott

Support the legacy of your Society and be a jewel in SDP’s crown. The jewel program offers a giving opportunity for members and chapters that acknowledges them for helping SDP stay strong. SDP has received $3965 in total donations for this program so far. There are six donor levels with each level receiving special recognition. Please send a check for the amount that corresponds with the jewel level you choose to SDP Jewel program, 393 N. McLean Blvd., Wichita, KS 67203-5968 or call Lori Dougan at (316) 269-9300, ext. 101 to donate with a debit or credit card. For more information about the SDP Jewel Program, visit the website at

• Plan Now For Chapter Marketplace

The True Blue Decorative Artists of Australia were one of many chapters who had a booth at the 2006 Nashville Chapter Marketplace.
By Sheila Rouse Chapters Committee Chair

The Chapters Marketplace at the Nashville Conference was a great success – so we’re planning a repeat performance for the Anaheim Conference. Start planning now to participate. All chapters are invited to sign up for a table at the Chapters Marketplace which will be 8 to 11 p.m., Monday, May 28, 2007. We need lots of participants to once again make this THE event at the 2007 Conference! Some of the items sold by chapters at the last marketplace were: ornaments, cookbooks, canvas totes, painting pattern book, watches, tee shirts, chapter pins, state/country souvenirs, mugs, aprons – you get the idea.

This is a great opportunity for chapters from all corners to present their own hand-painted goods for sale -- as well as special items with local flavor that may help define who we are and generate a better understanding among our decorative painting family. Look for more information in future issues of Chapter Happenings. In the meantime, if you have questions with regard to the Marketplace, please contact Sheila Rouse, Chapters Committee Chair at (717) 697-7025, or

• Busy Gateway Painters

By Gloria Falk, Gateway Decorative Artists

Our chapter, the Gateway Decorative Artists of Greater St. Louis, is quite active in promoting decorative painting and we have had a good turn out for several of our events.

The chair pictured above is one of several chairs that were painted by a chapter member to raise money for our Annual Painting Fall Retreat. This chair was painted by Veda Galvan, TDA (and former Delta Challenge winner). We sold "opportunities of ownership" to chapter members as well as had our members sell to family and friends. The drawing was held on Sept. 10.

Our chapter is involved in painting Memory Boxes for the Memory Box Program. This year to date we have mailed over 400 boxes to various hospitals and care centers. We collect these at every meeting and have had paint-ins at the meetings to help the program along. Former members of our chapter donated their time to design a case of boxes. They used various sheets of scrapbook paper and combined it with painting. These turned out just so precious. On some, buttons were glued on the top and sides, along with ribbons etc.

At each meeting we take up a collection of various sundry items for our Community Service Project. We are supporting Turning Point, which is a women and children’s domestic abuse shelter. They also had an auction this year and a few of our members donated a painted piece for them to auction off. The results of this auction yielded a nice bit of extra funds to work with for the year for their residents.

We also had seminars with Peggy Harris and Janelle Johnson this year.

• Chapter Snapshots

The Brevard Brush Strokes painted with Mary Gibilisco in September.
Photo submitted by Alise Duerr.

The Baxter County Fair in Mountain Home, Ark., invited the Apple Blossom Decorative Painters to give a demonstration in September.
Photo submitted by Laurie Kollins.

The Southern Gardenia Tolers celebrated their first anniversary with a party. Pictured from left are: Secretary Linda Sofranko, President Donna Talerico, Second Vice President Judy Duhon and First Vice President Cathy Barnett.
Photo submitted by Donna Talerico.

• About Chapter Happenings

Chapter Happenings is published bimonthly by the Society of Decorative Painters (SDP) for members of its affiliated chapters. Do you have a story, photo or idea for Chapter Happenings? E-mail Sheila Rouse at If you would like to be removed from the e-mail list please contact

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