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Message from Our President
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Share the Magic of Painting
Helping Others
Valuable Resource
Memory Box Paint-In
Chapter Achievement Award Changes
Popular Class to be Repeated
Painting with Ginger
Treasure Boxes at Headquarters
Caring for Soldiers
Fun with Roxanne
Chair-ity Project
Recruiting New Painters
Paint  Exchange
Rebuilding New Orleans
Painting with Ginger, Too
Give to the Permanent Collection
Learn and Play at Chapters Gathering
Best Marketplace Ever
Ann Needs Your Help!
A Message from Dee

New Chapter Position
Renew Before Dec. 1 and Save
How to Deliver Your Paint for Freedom Cards

Support Your Chapters Gathering
Service Pins
Chapter Snapshots

• A Message from Our President

By SDP President Jillybean Fitzhenry
I am very excited to announce that we have hired a new Executive Director. Her name is Kitty Bond and she started working at SDP Headquarters on September 4. Kitty comes to us from the Children's Museum of Denver where she was the vice president. She has very strong financial, organizational and time management skills. We believe she is exactly what is needed to help the Society thrive.

So many of you have expressed a desire for us to reduce the cost of accommodations for SDP conference and this, of course, means seeking out more reasonably priced locations. The staff and board have been hard at work at this and want you to know that as soon as we have confirmed locations for 2009, 2010 and 2011 you will be the first to know! The 2008 Conference will still be held May 26-31 in Tampa, Fla., and I look forward to meeting you there!

We are also excited about a brand new look for The Decorative Painter magazine in 2008. As you have probably heard, rates for shipping the magazine have increased by 35%. In order to avoid raising membership dues, we are going from 6 issues a year to 4 larger issues. There will be just as many projects, if not more, per year. The issues will have a seasonal theme. Changing to this new format will save SDP thousands of dollars while maintaining the quality you have come to expect from The DP.

I would like to personally encourage everyone to Share the Magic of Painting with a friend or family member by gifting them with a 2008 membership this holiday season. It’s a terrific way to introduce new members to SDP and help us grow. And to all of you who have renewed for 2008, thank you for your continued support. It’s an honor to have you as a member of our painting family!
Best Wishes,

Receive Your 2009 Membership FREE!

Getting your membership free is as easy as counting to ten. For each new member you recruit, you’ll receive $4 off your 2009 membership, good for up to $40: a free individual membership! Business members: this applies to you, too. You can take up to $40 off your membership dues. When you receive your 2008 membership card, look in the envelope for the flier with information on this offer. There are coupons on the back. Give these coupons to the members you recruit and ask them to fill them out and send them in with their membership forms. That way we’ll know who to credit for recruiting the new member. What a great way to increase SDP’s membership and save you money, too!

Share the Magic of Painting

Calling all SDP chapters throughout the world! Share the magic of painting with others and grow our decorative painting world. Recruit new members and compete to win these terrific prizes:
First Prize:
A Free 3-Day seminar with Neadeen Masters, CDA
Courtesy of DecoArt
Neadeen is a Heritage Artist of Jansen Art Traditions, who lives in Canada. She will travel – all expenses paid -- to teach your chapter, regardless of where you are located!
All expenses and costs for this seminar will be paid for by DecoArt, including:

  • Artist’s fee
  • Artist’s travel expenses
  • Seminar supplies and surfaces
  • Jansen Paints, brushes and mediums

The seminar is an intermediate level class and up to 30 students can attend.
Second Prize:
A $1,000 Prize from Royal Brush
Third Prize:
A $500 Prize from Loew Cornell
Fourth Prize:
One Free Registration to 2009 SDP Conference
Honorable Mention:
The top 10 chapters will each receive a complete set of DecoArt Learn to Paint books w/ DVD by Carole Sykes.

The winning chapters will be those who have the highest increase in SDP membership by percentage between September 1, 2007 and August 31, 2008. Chapters must recruit a minimum of ten members to enter. A new member for the purpose of this contest is defined as someone who has never belonged to SDP or was not a member in 2006 or 2007. Only members recruited for the 2008 membership year count toward the contest. Chapter’s membership numbers are based on the annual chapter form sent to SDP Headquarters in December (2008). All participating chapters will receive a patch for their chapter banner. The winning chapters will be announced in The Decorative Painter, Chapter Happenings and at 2009 SDP Conference. This contest will be announced at the Annual Meeting at the 2007 SDP Conference in Anaheim, in The Decorative Painter, in Chapter Happenings and by regular e-blasts

Helping Others

By Ann Ledford Smoky Mountain Decorative Painters
We are a small chapter with only twenty-seven members. We feel proud, however, that we were able to contribute to two worthy causes in 2006.

First, we made a monetary donation of $650 to the Soldiers’ Angels organization. They were asking for help to buy “cooling scarves” for our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. With the desert temperatures soaring to 140 degrees these cooling scarves are considered to be almost a miracle. Our soldiers, Marines, airmen and sailors would have enough trouble with that kind of heat, but add to that the camouflage uniforms with the thick, heavy material covering them from head to foot. Along with helmets and all the battle gear they carry, this creates an unbearable situation for many of our troops. In fact, our soldiers are at even greater risk because the unrelenting desert heat literally makes it almost impossible to think clearly.

The “magic” in these cooling scarves comes from hundreds of tiny hidden polymer crystals. When they are soaked just 15 minutes in cold water, they swell up with that water and stay ice cold. They are designed to stay cold for 48 hours, but in the searing heat of Iraq, they typically cool a soldier for about 15 hours before needing to be recharged with water. Soldiers Angels have sent tens of thousands of these cooling scarves to our troops. Our chapter feels that we cannot show too much love and support for those willing to put their lives on the line for us.

In addition, several of our chapter members donated painted decorative pieces to the Girl Scouts. The pieces included bird houses, trays, boxes, wall plaques and other items that were auctioned off. The funds raised were used to help meet the needs of our local Girl Scouts.

 Valuable Resource

By Sheila Rouse, SDP Chapters Chair
SDP is now taking orders for the 2008 Business & Teacher Directory and we’re making it easy for you to order. Simply click and complete the order form, indicate how many directories you need and mail it with your check to SDP.

Chapters have an opportunity to provide a perk for their members—purchase the directory for your chapter library. As SDP Chapters Chair, I receive numerous inquiries from members and non-members looking for a teacher and shops in specific areas of the country. Also, it’s a great resource for individual members, too. Vacationing members like to visit shops along their travel route and will ask me for help in locating the businesses and teachers to visit. The B&T Directory is the first thing I grab when I travel!

One of the SDP Board members last year was traveling across the country when her car broke down. Fortunately, she had a directory in her car so she was able to look up one of the business members close to where she was stranded. That member came to her rescue, helped her find a garage, provided a place to stay overnight and now they are great friends. You never know when your B&T Directory will come in handy!

Whether you need to find a teacher or business from home or on the road, the B&T Directory is for you. This valuable resource is released each spring and a limited number of copies are available for sale at $12 plus shipping and handling. Reserve your copy today! Just download the form here and send it and your payment to SDP, B&T Directory, 393 N. McLean Blvd., Wichita, KS 67203.

 Memory Box Paint-In

By Mickey Hayes, Decorative Brushes of Northern California

Our chapter, the Decorative Brushes of Northern California in Red Bluff, Calif., recently had a paint-in at our monthly meeting to paint Memory Boxes. The boxes were for one of the hospitals we support. Several of our ladies also took home more boxes so we were able to donate twice as many Memory Boxes than we did at our paint-in! The patterns were by Antoinette Cox and the teacher was one of our chapter members, Rhonda Botts.

 Chapter Achievement Award Changes

By Dee Guthrie, SDP Chapters Coordinator
A few changes have been made to the Chapter Achievement Award requirements. Watch for these changes on the award form when you are filling it out in preparation for the February deadline:

  • A Treasurer’s year-end report is now required.
  • Donations to the Society Foundation exclusively count toward the award.
  • Participation in the following programs are now counted toward the award
    • The Memory Box program.
    • Treasure Boxes for Kids.
    • Paint for Freedom.

Popular Class to be Repeated

You asked for it, you got it! Due to popular demand, we have added an additional Home to the Heartland seminar with Maureen McNaughton CDA, TDA. The originally scheduled seminar is full, but you can sign up for the new seminar, scheduled for Jan. 21-23, 2008. Learn the techniques this beloved artist uses to create her jewel-tone florals in oils as you create a tribute to the four seasons. You can apply these designs to the gorgeous petit cupboard with changeable panels designed for Maureen by Maison Bel’Art, (ask about ordering this surface when you call to register), or on any surface you choose. The goal is to improve your skills with a brush. Cost for the event is $345 for all three days. This includes lesson material, lunches and snacks. Students supply their own surface. Call Janelle Johnson at (316) 269-9300, ext. 104 to register for this terrific event.

Painting with Ginger

By Judi Mecham, Coast to the Cascades
Our chapter enjoyed our 1st Annual Hilltop Retreat in October with Ginger Edwards. Everyone thoroughly loved Ginger and her roses. After two days, most could master the rose and leaves. Our retreat was held at a church conference center near Salem, Ore. The retreat cooked and served all the meals, had nice comfy rooms to sleep in and wonderful space to paint in. Our chapter also had purchased a video and audio system that worked great. Everyone had the best seat! This was our first retreat, but will not be our last. We are already planning for next October.

Treasure Boxes at Headquarters

By Dee Guthrie, Chapters Coordinator
We had a wonderful time painting Treasure Boxes for Kids at SDP Headquarters this fall! The event took place on Nov. 11 in Wichita, Kan. SDP President Jillybean Fitzhenry, Past President Sheila Rouse and I invited chapters in the area to come paint Treasure Boxes for the young patients at the St. Louis Shriners Hospital for Children. A total of 37 boxes were painted by members of Kansas Wheathearts and River City Decorative Artists with help from our friends from the North Star chapter of the Eastern Star and Midian Shrine Temple. Those who could not stay and paint picked up boxes to take home. We had so much fun that we plan on doing this again after the holidays at the Midian Shrine Center in Wichita.

Caring for Soldiers

By Mary Galioto, Greater Cincinnati Decorative Artists
The Greater Cincinnati Decorative Artists completed a service project at their October meeting. We are a group of 85 members from Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. Members collected canned fruits and pasta, toothbrushes, home baked cookies, drink mixes and other things soldiers enjoy when they are a way from home. We created care packages with these items for our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. The group collected over 25 boxes of goodies to mail.
Also in October, we sought to draw attention to our art form for Decorative Painting Month. Artistic creations by our member artists are were on display at seven local libraries. Visit us on the web at

Fun with Roxanne

By Phyllis Kohnke, Windy Brushes of Northern Illinois
A fun time was had by all the Windy Brushes members who attended a three-day seminar with Roxanne Jarvis in September. The first day we learned how to paint on screens, which was great fun. The second day was fabric painting and on day three (pictured) we painted a Christmas scene on a wonderful antique shoe. The consensus was that Roxanne is a marvelous teacher and added fun to every stroke.

Chair-ity Project

By Ginger Anne Edmonds
As you probably know, we do not have a local chapter here in Spokane, but I am a member of the Society of Decorative Painters, and am associated with a group that gets together to paint monthly here in town. We were asked by the Spokane Valley Meals On Wheels organization to decorate chairs and donate them for a huge fundraising auction that will take place here on Nov. 30. I hope you enjoy the chair I decorated!

Recruiting New Painters

Bruce Thompson, Wisconsin Turp ‘n’ Stein chapter
Our chapter offers classes for people who have never painted before. We have three Saturday morning classes in the spring and three in the fall each year. The attendees are new painters and there is no charge for the class, but we do ask that they purchase a DecoArt new painter kit. The chapter pays for the teacher and the surface. This is a good source for new chapter and SDP members. We usually have from 8 to 15 students attending either the fall or spring session.

Paint  Exchange

Here’s a tip from the Southside Brushes in Illinois. This tidbit was published in their newsletter:
“In November we have a ‘Paint Exchange.’ If you have two, three, four or more paints of the same color, you can bring them to the November meeting and exchange them for some paint colors you want or need. This is a good way to share those extra bottles of paint with your member painters, especially the new painters.”
What a terrific idea!

Rebuilding New Orleans

By Rosary Rittler, Greater New Orleans chapter
The feathered evacuees of the New Orleans area may now return. The Greater New Orleans chapter has volunteered their talents to partake in the recovery after Katrina. For their July meeting project they painted an adorable gourd birdhouse. Member and first time teacher, Ms. Bell Berger, was the job foreman.   She instructed not only on the painting but the cleaning, prepping and sealing of a gourd. With each brush stoke we paint, New Orleans takes little steps to rebuild. The flooded areas are very slowly showing signs of rebirth and, of course, will take years to recover. The heart of our city, the French Quarter, along with many of our historic surrounding areas, is alive and well. So we invite our feathered friends, along with our painting friends, to come for a visit.  

Painting with Ginger, Too

Tina Greenfield, Capitolers
Capitolers celebrated the 30th anniversary of the group's founding June 8-11 with a four-day oil and acrylic seminar taught by former SDP President, Ginger Edwards (seated, second from left). It was particularly inspirational to paint Ginger's signature flowers at the Cornell Cooperative Extension outside of Albany, N.Y., since the Cooperative Extension showcases themed gardens cultivated by regional master gardeners.

Give to the Permanent Collection

SDP is actively building its own Permanent Collection. We are looking for contemporary pieces and items of historical significance that represent every style and region in the decorative painting world. Do you have a piece of artwork to add to the collection? Please e-mail Miho at for information about donating.

• Learn and Play at Chapters Gathering

By Darla Foreman, SDP Past President
Test yourself with this simple quiz.
What can you expect to experience at the annual SDP Chapter Gathering?

  1. Great Speakers…giggles and grins
  2. Wonderful Sharing…..glimmer and shine
  3. Marvelous Exchange of Ideas...lights that twinkle
  4. Amazing Growth of Friendships…glowing brightness
  5. A Wealth of Leadership and Motivation to take home to others…stars are born
  6. All of the above

The answer, of course, is #6! At the annual Chapters Gathering we laugh, learn and grow together to make our chapters better and brighter so our Society will light the way for other to learn the joy of painting.

Start making your plans to join us for a star-studded morning of inspiration and guidance. All members are welcome to attend whether or not you are an officer in your chapter. Maybe you would like step up to the plate and do more volunteering for your chapter. Or maybe you are thinking about starting a new chapter in your community.

Register now for the Chapters Gathering and don’t forget to paint and decorate a star or two to exchange with other members at the event. The more stars you bring, the more stars you will take home with you for the future stars in your chapter.

• Best Marketplace Ever

Chapters Marketplace has become one the best attended events at Conference. And with good reason! This fun-filled event offers bargains, entertainment and the chance to party with friends. Chapters are encouraged to purchase a table for $20 and sell charms, pins, painted items or painting gadgets. This year’s entertainment is a wonderful fashion show, featuring chapter members modeling hand painted fashions. You are invited to prepare your best painted fashions to be modeled. If you don’t want to model, have a friend model your design.  

If painted clothing isn’t your style, paint a small suitcase for a child. The suitcases will be modeled in the fashion show and then donated to needy foster children.
Sign up today to be a part of the Chapters’ Marketplace and Fashion Show. If you would like to participate in the fashion show, paint a suitcase or book a table for your chapter, e-mail Shelia Rouse or Darla Foreman Proceeds from sales of items at the chapter’s tables will go to benefit the chapters.

• Ann Needs Your Help!

By Volunteer Coordinator Ann Johnson
SDP is coming back to Tampa in 2008 and I could sure use some helping hands! Chapters, we love the Banquet tables you have so lovingly created. Please plan to make centerpieces, decorations and favors for the banquet tables.  We need to plan decorations for 50 tables with 10 people per table. In the last few years these decorations have been a high point of the banquet. They can be as understated or elaborate as you want to make them. Costs for these decorations are to be underwritten by your chapter.

Also, please watch for the volunteer form in the conference special and volunteer a couple of hours at the conference. If everyone shares the work, then we all will be able to Share the Magic of Painting. For further information or to sign up to decorate a Banquet table, call me, Ann Johnson, at (630) 665-0108 or e-mail me at

• A Message from Dee

By Dee Guthrie, SDP Chapters Coordinator
Congratulations Palm Springs Desert Artists, the winners of the 2007 Branching Out contest! The chapter will receive two free registrations to the 2008 SDP Conference in Tampa. We would like to thank all the chapters that participated in the contest. Great job recruiting new members!

This is just a friendly reminder to fill out and send in your chapter forms. It does not take long to fill these out and it helps so much when new members are looking for a chapter to join if we have the current information to offer them.

Important message: New IRS Filing Requirements: Beginning in 2009, (for the 2007 tax year), small tax exempt organizations that previously were not required to file returns risk losing their tax-exempt status if they do not file an annual electronic notice, (known as the e-Postcard or 990-N). Chapters whose gross annual receipts are normally greater than $25,000 would still continue to file the 990 or 990-EZ. Chapters whose gross annual receipts are normally less than $25,000 will now need to file the 990-N electronic. Please see for more information. Another web site for frequently asked questions is,,id=169250,00.html

Another important message: Changes have been made to the Chapters Handbook. Click below to download the two new sections of updated materials. Part 1 ~ Part 2  Word docs. (will open in a new window.)

Best wishes to you and your family. Have a wonderful holiday!

• Bingo!

By Linda Swanson, California Heartland Artists
For the past 5 or 6 years the California Heartland Artists chapter of Bakersfield Calif., has been having a bingo party at our August meeting. It’s a great way to take a break from the summer heat, (and from prepping projects for the painting!).  Each member brings a bingo prize, (painting related or not), and we play games until the prizes are gone. For the last game of the night, we play for money. Each member buys a bingo card for $1 each, (they can buy as many as they want), and all the money collected goes to the winner. This year's prize was $56. We usually have pretty good turn out for this meeting and we all have a good time. This year's bingo event was held at a pizza restaurant, where we also had dinner.

• New Chapter Position

SDP would like for each chapter to elect or appoint an SDP representative. This representative will be a second person the office may contact by email with information to take to the chapter. All correspondence is sent to the president, but we need a second person for communications in case the president does not have email access. So don’t forget to include this position on your new officers’ form. Please do not delay in notifying the SDP office of newly elected officers. Please send this information by fax at (316) 269-9191, email to or mail to Chapter Officers, SDP, 393 N. McLean Blvd., Wichita, KS 67203.

• Renew Before Dec. 1 and Save

By SDP Past President Darla Foreman
Calling all Chapter members, the time to renew is NOW! Why renew in November? Well, if you wait until Dec. 1 you will have to pay an extra $5 (making your membership $45 instead of $40). Why is this $5 added? I’m glad you asked! Because the members’ list goes to our printer on Dec. 1 and if you’re not on it, we have to send your Decorative Painter manually and first class, instead of at bulk rate. This costs us an extra $5 for each late member. We charge you that extra, because we rather spend members’ dues on projects and the services you’ve come to expect from us. So save a little green. Renew today and avoid that extra $5!

How to Deliver Your Paint for Freedom Cards

By SDP Vice President/President Elect Linda Biedermann
To protect the safety of our veterans, the Veterans Administration does not accept mail that is not addressed to a specific person. Do not mail your “Paint for Freedom” cards to a Veterans’ Hospital without a specific name in the address.  If you have Internet, go to and click on the “Find a Facility” tab at the top of the page. You can then put in your zip code and the webpage will provide you with the five (5) closest facilities. When you click on the name of the nearest hospital, all the pertinent information, including phone numbers, will be returned. Call the hospital and ask to speak with the volunteer coordinator. The Volunteer Coordinator can tell you how you can mail or deliver the cards directly to her for distribution. If you do not have Internet access, you can look up the Veterans Administration in the phone book.

• Support Your Chapters Gathering

By Sheila Rouse, Chapters Chair
The 2008 SDP Chapters Committee needs your help! The Chapters Gathering in Tampa needs sponsors to help make it one of the best events at convention. We’ll be offering a handout full of useful information, a special guest teacher to instruct us in a fun painting project to take back to your chapter, guest speakers, prizes and lots of other surprises. Please ask your chapter to be a Chapters Gathering sponsor. If you give a sponsorship of at least $100 toward to support the Chapters Gathering, you may designate your president or other chapter representative to attend the Gathering for FREE! Please e-mail me at if you have any questions.

• Service Pins

Every chapter member loves to receive a charm for the hard work they have done throughout the year. Many chapters give these little charms as a thank you gift for the member. Now is the time to order the pins and charms in order to have them before the end of the year. Don’t delay. Order today!

• Chapter Snapshots

North West Florida Sea Oats hosted a seminar with Sue Scheewe-certified teacher Jane Drynan. Photo submitted by NWFSO

Gateway Decorative Artists shipped 602 Memory Boxes to hospitals last year for the Memory Box Program. Photo submitted by Gloria Falk, TDA.

The Tulsa Town Tolers held a two-day seminar with Ronnie Bringle and learned Ronnie’s special techniques by painting a Santa face and a rooster. Photo submitted by Deborah Wells

About Chapter Happenings

Chapter Happenings is published bimonthly by the Society of Decorative Painters (SDP) for members of its affiliated chapters. Do you have a story, photo or idea for Chapter Happenings?
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