Chapter Happenings | December 2012

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A Message from SDP Chapters Coordinator Becky Gray
International Decorative Painting Month
Remembering to Have Fun by Misty Witt
Chapter Newsletters by Nancy Genetti
Poinsettia Painters of Camarillo, California
Triad Decorative Painters of Winston-Salem, North Carolina
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When we at SDP heard the news about Hurricane Sandy’s destruction, our thoughts immediately went to our chapters in the affected area. After researching the storm’s path, I emailed and/or called twenty-one of our chapter presidents whose members appeared to be in harm’s way. I am thrilled to report some members had only winds and rain, though many others had heavy rains, trees down, and long-term electrical outages. The worst effects appear to be in Western Nassau County, New York, where the homes of members Dorothy Ness, Sue Lynch, and Eileen Olstrom were heavily damaged.

I am told the best way to help our members and their families, friends, and neighbors is to make a Red Cross donation. To donate, people can go to, call 1-800-RED-CROSS, or text the word “REDCROSS” to 90999 and a $10 donation will be charged to your cell phone bill.

For those of you affected by the storm, you will continue to be in our thoughts.


Our 41st Annual Conference & Expo will be May 13–18, 2013, at the Pheasant Run in St. Charles, Ill. Please be sure to add the Conference dates to your chapter newsletter event calendar. Airfares and accommodations are very affordable, and plans are being finalized for a fantastic Conference, so call 1-800-999-3319 now to make your reservations!

Complete conference information and class listings are now available on the website at and class registration begins on Monday, December 3. The 2013 Conference offers so many beautiful projects that it will be fun making your choices.

Chapter Forms

Chapter insurance invoices were mailed to chapter presidents in October. Insurance certificates will be mailed to your chapter president beginning in mid-January if your insurance invoice has been paid. If you have any specific needs, such as certificates of insurance covering your meeting location, please email me at

The 2013 Annual Chapter Form contains important officer contact information used by SDP in many different areas. A $35 service fee plus 10 cents per member should be included along with your membership roster.

We want to hear about all the great things that happened in your chapter this year. The 2012 Chapter Achievement Award Form should be postmarked by February 15, 2013, to be eligible for this award. Your chapter insurance invoice and Annual Chapter Form payments must have been submitted as well. Please include your 2012 membership roster if it was not included with your Annual Chapter Form.

The Treasurer’s Year End Report is also due February 15.

Another requirement of the Chapter Achievement Award is filing your chapter's tax return with the IRS by May 15, 2013. To easily file your return, just go to and remember to mail SDP a copy of your IRS receipt. The CAA form only requires that you already have sent it or will send it by the due date.

Download Chapter forms:
2013 Annual Chapter Form
2012 Chapter Achievment Awards
2012 Treasurer's Year End Report

Zip Code Lists
Ensuring all chapter members are SDP members can be a challenging task. To efficiently and accurately fulfill this Society requirement, your chapter president may request a membership list. Just email me a list of the first three digits of the zip codes within your chapter’s meeting area, and you will receive the list within two working days. To keep our members’ personal information safe, the following disclaimer reminder will accompany each list:

"The information contained in this email, or in any attachments to this email, is intended for the use of the Society of Decorative Painters and affiliated chapters for the sole purpose of membership verification or recruitment. The names, membership numbers, addresses and/or email addresses contained in, or attached to, this email are confidential information subject to protection by law or terms of applicable confidentiality agreements. You are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution, or copying of this communication for any other purpose is strictly prohibited."

If you have chapter questions or concerns, please contact me at or (316) 269-9300 ext. 107 and I will be more than happy to help!

Thank you to all of our chapters, teachers, and members who participated in this year's International Decorative Painting Month. Your efforts not only help you find new students and chapter members, but they also help SDP as a whole as we work together to grow the organization and promote the decorative arts internationally.

Hundreds of painting classes, exhibitions, community service events, and other events occurred all over the world in October. Each of you has an impact on your community, and, together, the world. We are proud to call each of you members of this organization as we work together to teach, promote, and celebrate decorative painting.

We are already planning for International Decorative Painting Month 2013, and we hope you are too. Please be sure to notify SDP Headquarters as soon as an event is scheduled. By continuing to increase the number of events during Decorative Painting Month, we hope to achieve more press coverage and greater awareness of our industry.

If you have stories or photos from your successful IDPM event, please share them with us! Send what you have to for consideration for publication in the Decorative Painter, in the next Chapter Happenings, or on the SDP Blog.

havefun.jpgSometimes in the hectic business of running a chapter, we forget to have a little fun. As you know, laughter is the best glue in forming and holding together friendships. Like many of you, I have formed lasting friendships through my painting adventures.

At a chapter Christmas event that happened during an Olympics year, we had an Art Olympics. It was composed of different events and prizes were awarded. Many of the ideas were found on the Internet and some were original, such as the gluegun relay. Once things really got going, I thought the police might be called for all the noise we were making! Many still talk of that night. It may take some coaxing at first to involve your chapter members, but don't get discouraged.

But the activity does not have to be of that magnitude or even involve painting. Just something said or something members can get involved with can bring smiles. You can get ideas from the Internet or friends. The idea is to keep the meeting on the light side, which many people want because participating in painting and meetings is their way of getting away from everyday tension. The heavy lifting can be done at board meetings.

You want your meeting guests to have a positive impression as well. Once the visitor checks in, make sure that officers and committee chairs make an effort throughout the meeting to greet and introduce themselves. Since board members tend to be more outgoing and would make that person feel welcome, make an effort to get them seated at the board members' table.

Remember, chapter meetings are not life-and-death situations and we are there to have fun, meet people, and make lifelong friendships. KEEP SMILING!

chapternewsletters.jpgChapter newsletter editors: do you include SDP news in your newsletter? This helps get SDPnewsletterssample.jpg news not only to your members, but also to those guests who get your newsletter and those reading the newsletter on your website. 

Information could include updates about Conference, call for board members, invites to sign up for the SDP blog, reminder of projects on the website, scholarship information, merchandise available from SDP, when The DP is shipping, dues information, and so forth.

You can also include follow-up stories from Conference. If possible, try including some photos, the list of elected board members, the list of award recipients, etc.

You can find information to include online at, the SDP blog, SDP's Facebook page, The Decorative Painter, and from SDP's email communications. A sample of my own newsletter is shown here. Thank you for all of your hard work in putting together your newsletters. We appreciate all you do!

The number of women who are homeless in the United States seems to be growing every year, which makes what the Poinsettia Painters chapter in Camarillo, Calif., is doing especially important. For several years this generous chapter has worked closely with local organization TenderLife Maternity Home to provide help to homeless, pregnant women and their babies. 

Chapter member Terrie Busse works hard throughout the year collecting anything one can think of that a mom-to-be, or her new baby, might find helpful. These items might range from toothpaste and deodorant for Mom to clothing for the new baby, and everything in between. The gifts are then packed into canvas bags that have been lovingly hand-painted by the artists of the Poinsettia Painters chapter and then given to women as they enter the TenderLife program, or are presented to them for Christmas.

TenderLife offers local, homeless expectant mothers a place to live while they await the birth of their babies. While they are living in the home, the mothers can take advantage of the TenderLife program, which allows them to create a healthy life for their family. Some of the benefits of the TenderLife program are prenatal health care, tutoring, career guidance, and counseling. Chapter member Carla Kincaid mentioned how heartwarming it is to see the TenderLife website and see all the babies they have been able to help. Not to mention the fun the chapter has painting the bags at their monthly meetings!

On October 13, 2012, the day that SDP designated “Children’s Paint Day”, Triad Decorative Painters of Winston-Salem, NC hosted a Children's Paint Day event at their regular monthly meeting. The children of family members and friends were taken to a separate area inpoinsettiaphoto1sm.jpg the meeting place and, with the guidance of chapter President Marjorie Digh and chapter member Allison Leeds, the kids painted iron-on designs. The young artists had a great time, and were thrilled when their artwork was later applied to tee shirts.

Chapter members designed the children’s painting group as a way of encouraging younger women to join the Triad Decorative Painters. Digh admits that some of the members were skeptical about involving children for fear that the meeting would be disrupted, but in the end everyone greatly enjoyed the presence of these budding artists.

Marjorie was excited to report that the event was so successful they are considering making this a part of each monthly meeting.

listevents.jpgHave you submitted your chapter's events to the SDP online calendar? We now host a calendar for all decorative painting events on the SDP blog at: Here we will list seminars, conventions, and other events. If you have an event to list, plase contact us at: with the following:

Your Name:
Your Email:
Event Type:
Additional Information:

Be sure to check in with this calendar to stay up to date with events in the decorative painting industry. 

For more information, go to: The SDP Online Events Calendar

2013membercardsized.jpgHave you renewed your membership for 2013? Renewal forms are included with The Decorative Painter, and are available online. If you prefer, you can renew online. We are proud to have served you this year, and we look forward to seeing you all again in 2013.

Plus—did you know that every new member you sign up that references your name when they register gives you $5 off your membership the following year? The limit is ten, meaning if you work now, your 2014 membership could be down to $0!

For details, or if you have any questions, contact SDP Membership Coordinator Sony Sacks at (316) 269-9300 ext. 105 or

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