Our Expo

Our Expo features companies selling a variety of painting supplies and finished goods, including new products, paints, brushes, surfaces, pattern packets, decoupage, frames, mats, mat-cutters, stamps, stencils, colored pencils, watercolor pencils, ink pens, and more.


2019 Vendor List

Rustic Rakes & Plaster Paint


Sandy McTier

Tracy Moreau

FM Brush Company Inc.

Dynasty Designers

Mrs. O’Leary

Bear With Us

Maureen Baker

DecoArt Inc.

Linda, Wendy, and Kathy’s Boutique

Scharff Brushes, Inc.

SDP Make It, Take It/Chapter Banner Display

Erika Joanne Art Cottage

Marlene’s Folk Arts

Julie Haymaker

Snappy Chicks Boutique

Tidewater Decorative Painters

Just Us

Rol Publications

Unicorn SPiT

Porcelain Bisque

Creative Professional Services, Inc.

Colored Pencil Artists

Plaid Enterprises, Inc.